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International Black Gold trailer

BlackGoldPoster.jpgA new trailer for Black Gold has arrived that presents the story quickly and gets on with the dramatic action-adventure type story. It's a shame because I would much rather see a trailer that laid out the story and built on the dramatic side of the story more than this one, but still it does look really good.

Antonio Banderas, Mark Strong, Tahar Rahim, Frieda Pinto, Riz Ahmed and a cast with a mix of nationalities and acting careers between them telling the Jean-Jacques Annaud directed film of a Prince torn between tribes in the 1930's at the cusp of the oil boom in the Arab states.

I'm rather keen to see the film and the appearance at the Glasgow Film Festival this year is one I might not pass up on, I do wonder how close to real life this film might end up being.

Here's the new trailer for Black Gold from Trailer Addict:

I think this looks good and promises drama, action, adventure, and an exploration of a time and place that hasn't seen much exposure in Western cinema.



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