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New Haywire trailer shows more

Haywire.jpgThere's a new trailer out for the Gina Carano starring, Steven Soderbergh directed action film Haywire and I think it's one of the strongest trailers for the film to date. It features more of Carano, the mixed martial arts fighter who also sports a rather attractive face for the big screen.

We know the film by now, she plays a covert agent who is betrayed by her bosses and setup to be killed, she escapes and turns on them to find out why she was marked for betrayal. It also stars Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Michael Douglas, Channing Tatum, Antonio Banderas, Michael Angarano and Bill Paxton.

The new trailer for Haywire looks really good and it's definitely a film I have marked for my upcoming list and you should too. Not just because Gina Carano is a real martial artist and could lend a lot of realism to the film but also because Steven Soderbergh is directing it.

What I am hoping for is that the addition of a real fighter and the talent and authenticity that Soderbergh brings too many of his projects, might just mean that we're not reliant on the standard overly blocked action fight that we see time and time again in these action films. After looking at the trailers that's not the case so far.

Here's the new Haywire trailer from CraveOnline through First Showing:



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