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Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Håfström?

Arnie.jpgThere's a fair amount of rumour about the upcoming film The Tomb which Sylvester Stallone is set to lead, the first is that Arnold Schwarzenegger could take a supporting role and the second is that Mikael Håfström could be directing. A lot of "could be"'s in there.

Still, it would be interesting as Schwarzenegger was once up to play the lead that Stallone now has when the project was set to be helmed by Antione Fuqua. Could he take the step down to co-star of a film he once led, however briefly? Is Stallone fast becoming the new action hero and outshining Arnie?

It certainly looks that way as Arnold Schwarzenegger is co-starring in his second Expendables film behind Sylvester Stallone and this would make two, however Stallone has made his return to action films far sooner than Arnie did, and there's certainly a big question over whether Arnie can still do it and pull the crowds in as a leading man.

Time will tell as he releases some of the films that he's working on right now, but it is fair to say that Stallone is ahead of Schwarzenegger in the action hero polls right now.

So what of The Tomb? The film about a man who designed a high technology, inescapable prison, and now finds himself within the walls as an inmate, obviously wrongfully accused.

What role could you see Schwarzenegger taking if the rumour from AICN is true that he is set to take a supporting role? Prison warden? The man who orchestrates the imprisonment of Stallone's character? - One of those two I'd say, but the news from Deadline is not so clear. They say that he has been approached for the film but there's been no more movement.

I wonder if the fact that he would be playing co-star to Stallone for another film, especially on one he already rejected, might be enough for him to turn it down. After all he has his own career to revive and he has his leading role films to do just that currently in progress.

Other news they have is that Mikael Håfström looking to direct the film, and considering he directed Derailed (Filmstalker review) and 1408, that might just be a good thing.



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