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The Crow leaps forward with director and writer

TheCrow.jpgMy article yesterday talking about the ending of the legal battle between Relativity Media and the Weinstein Company settled out of court did have me saying that I thought this could be a sign that the production was going to start moving forward, but I didn't think it would really be this quickly.

Now Relativity have announced that F. Javier Gutiérrez is going to direct the film with Jesse Wigutow set to write the script, or should I say write another script.

I'm not sure if Jesse Wigutow, who apparently carried out un-credited rewrites on Eragorn, 8 Mile, The Ruins (Filmstalker review) and a rewrite of the as yet un-filmed The Osterman Weekend remake, is writing a new script or rewriting the old one and how different this new version is going to be, but with a new director there will come a new vision, and undoubtedly a new lead actor.

Personally I cannot see Bradley Cooper returning to star in the film, not if he's keen for his career to continue on the path it is moving on a more dramatic route as his current slate of films suggest, mind you he has returned for The Hangover Part II hasn't he? Although that might mark the end of the frivolity for a while.

Meanwhile F. Javier Gutiérrez is known for his film Before the Fall (Tres Dias) which received a number of awards and got quite a fan base for him. He's an interesting choice for the film as he's new talent to Hollywood so he could either be totally swamped by the studio or he could find his own feet and deliver something different to the remake that we hadn't been expecting.

The Hollywood Reporter confirm that the director has been in talks for the remake for a while, but since the project was caught up with legal and money issues there was no way the deal was going to move forward until there was a film.

There's no word on what direction the new film will take, but with a new writer and director I think the production is taking another stab at making it work, and with the speed this has come off the settlement I think the studio are keen to push forward with it.



Wow that fast? Lets hope the studio grant some artistic freedom to the writer and director so they can make it their own thing. Thats the only way I can imagine this project turning out decent.

Now here's to hoping they don't cast Mark Wahlberg as Eric Draven!

Sorry for the multiple post, had trouble with recaptcha! :S


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