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The Grey red band trailer

TheGrey.jpgThe Grey has a new MPAA red band trailer on the loose and we get to see a little bit more violence and action from the wolves, the promise of blood, and some swearing to boot. Personally I don't think that it substitutes for the powerful speech from Liam Neeson in the standard trailer but it does provide us with something more of the wolves.

From the first trailers I was worried how the wolves would be portrayed and how they would feel as the adversary in the film, but this new trailer suggests that they aren't going to be over the top and they will have some, how shall I say, bite.

You'll know the story that a group of Alaskan oil workers are returning home when their plane crashes in the remote wilderness. The survivors realise that no one is coming and that a pack of wolves is hunting them one by one, so they decide to get moving and make a run for it, relying on their pack leader, played by Liam Neeson.

Neeson versus wolves? I know who my money is on.

Here's the new trailer, and beware of moral corruption, it has a little bit of blood, although I'm sure you all realise it's fake and they didn't really kill people, and it has swearing, you know the stuff you hear outside in the real world every second of every day? Phew, how do other countries survive without the MPAA? We all must be packs of wild animals. Oh, is this film a metaphor?

Right, the new trailer for The Grey from Trailer Addict:



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