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The Hangover Part III drops Hangover core

HangoverPartII.jpgI have to admit that I wasn't interested in seeing The Hangover for a long time; I just thought it would be the same usual puerile humour to come out of so many Hollywood comedies. However I can now officially admit I was wrong as I watched it just last week and I actually laughed at it and thought that it was enjoyable.

For me the whole idea of discovering what had happened step by step was the key to the film, and the situations just getting wilder and wilder without the characters realising it was them until the last moment was what made it. So I'm a little surprised the third one won't follow that formula.

I'm especially surprised because that's what Hollywood films do, they milk an idea until it's dry, and even then some.

In an article over at The Hollywood Reporter they say that:

Warners hopes the next film, a Los Angeles-based story that will deviate from the forgotten-debauchery formula of the first movies, can shoot this summer and be ready for a Memorial Day 2013 release.

How far is The Hangover Part III going to deviate from the previous formula? I wonder if they're doing the right thing by changing the formula for a third film, especially when the article is raising the issue of star salaries, salaries which have allegedly leapt from the US $5 million each of the last film to $15 million each of the third.

It's not so crazy though, well the overall figure is crazy in this day and age but the leap from the last film isn't so much. The article says that their source has told them the stars earned $5 million for the previous film but lost in the following lines is the point that this was raised to the "mid teens (and counting)" for back-end compensation, I think the term is also residuals. Basically the stars also get a cut of the profits of the film.

So really they're only asking for a few more million on top, what's that in this cash strapped world? Sorry, I mean cash strapped outside of Hollywood, you know for the audience members.

Anyway, I'm digressing and in danger of ranting, where was I? Oh yes, considering the amount the film has to earn and the amount the stars are obviously expecting to earn through the film, you'd wonder why they are considering dropping the previous formula, after all this is quite a risk isn't it?

For me that's what made The Hangover entertaining, and I'm sure that's what will draw me to eventually watch the sequel. What about you? If you liked the Hangover films are you a little concerned that they may be dropping the core of the franchise for the third film?



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