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The Silent House remake gains a trailer

TheSilentHouse.jpgRemember The Silent House or La Casa Muda, a Spanish horror film that was one continual shot for about seventy minutes from director Gustavo Hernández? Well it's been remade as Silent House and is due for release in America this year, and it now has a trailer that carries many similar beats to the original.

The film is about a woman who is trapped in a house which harbours a terrible secret and her attempts to escape the horror she finds there. Interestingly the remake runs for some eighty minutes and comes from the directors behind Open Water.

Now that is interesting. Chris Kentis and Laura Lau wrote and directed the film Open Water and Lau wrote the screenplay for The Silent House remake with the two of them directing. Judging from the trailer for Silent House they've kept a lot of similarities to the original, and something I'm rather pleased to see are the slow, soft scares based on a the reveal of a character in the background rather than banging something loudly right in the face of the camera.

Looking at the trailer it does feel that the usual Hollywood horror beats are pushed to the back and we're going to see something more frightening, and I think the real time element is only going to add to that, after all we're going to know how much time she has left and that's a powerful tool for the film-makers to use.

You can see the trailer for The Silent House, or La Casa Muda right here on Filmstalker as a comparison, but let's look at the remake trailer first which comes from Yahoo Movies through First Showing:

Well, what did you think? I'm not sure, much like the last film, the trailer for Silent House doesn't scare but it does give you the feeling that watching this in real time and understanding that some of this fear and hysteria from the character will be pretty close to reality could well add a strong level of tension and fear to the audience.



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