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The Sweeney sequel leaving British soil?

TheSweeneyFilm.jpgThere's already word of a sequel to the big screen version of the British police series The Sweeney, and it hasn't even been released yet. Production has completed on the film though, and apparently the director is already in talks to try and see a sequel made and the plans for a sequel seem much more audacious than the original series and this first film.

The Sweeney is an adaptation of the seventies police drama which followed partners in the Flying Squad, a team set-up to specifically deal with violent crimes and armed robberies in London. It starred John Thaw and Dennis Waterman as Jack Regan and George Carter, replaced by Ray Winstone and Ben Drew in the Nick Lowe film version and co-starring Hayley Atwell, Damian Lewis and Steven Mackintosh.

There's not a lot more about the film version of The Sweeney that we know about, other than the cast and the story of the original series, but that's very important to remember for it's about two London detectives working in a London police force fighting organised crime in England.

Now the idea for the sequel is apparently to take the story International. Wait a moment though the whole premise of The Sweeney is about crime in England.

Well there are options for a sequel that would take the characters abroad and one is that their latest case would take them to an International crime syndicate or something similar, and while that would be unfamiliar territory for the team it would make an interesting story as they could end up liaising with foreign detectives and working together.

For me that would actually work, and to think when I started writing that I was against the idea. Of course it could just go silly and take the characters into some standard Hollywood thriller territory, making them take the law into their own hands abroad, going against foreign authorities and laws without a care, etc. However there's potential to play it straight and much closer to how forces would work together in real life.

Of course this is all speculation just now as we have no idea which way the story would go and you can imagine at the moment that Nick Lowe is sitting down with Vertigo Films and trying to sell them on the idea of a sequel, and if that gets them hooked then so be it.

The news from ScreenDaily through First Showing is that Nick Lowe is in negotiations for the sequel and that the story is looking at an International flavour, what's more is that it might turn into a prequel on how the two characters first met, which might mean losing the two leads and going for younger actors, that's all the craze just now.

The idea of a prequel would surely keep them based firmly in England and an International story would only come about with established detectives being put on a higher profile case.

Again though, this is all guesswork. At the moment the first film hasn't been seen and is awaiting a release. Audiences need to see that first film and the companies behind the film can then gauge if a sequel would reach and audience that would make the money they need in order to make a profit.

Still, wouldn't it be great to see a sequel happening to a British film, even better a British franchise that's not about wizards?



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