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The Union trailer, Elton and Leon

EltonJohn.jpgCameron Crowe has filmed a documentary about Elton John and Leon Russell collaborating on a project together, filming the creative process of both men, and getting into the heart of what both do.

The trailer doesn't give us a lot of depth into the film, but it does promise a look past the veneer of Elton and an insight into how both legends actually create the magic that they do so well.

The main draw here is Elton John, and just to be able to get passed all the tabloid side of his life and all the show aspects is an exciting prospect in itself, and it looks like by getting the cameras into the studio and the collaboration process we'll get just that. Plus it's a Cameron Crowe film so no doubt he's captured a lot of heart along with it.

Here's the blurb for The Union:

The Union takes an unprecedented look at the creative life of Elton John and his remarkable collaborative album with his early-career idol, Leon Russell, produced by award-winning music producer T Bone Burnett. Never before filmed in his composing process, John is captured by Crowe in this candid portrait of one of the world's most treasured artists and performers. Begun in Nov. 2009, The Union chronicles the entire writing and recording process of the heralded album John recorded with Russell.

Now here's the trailer itself which comes through TrailerAddict:



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