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Woman in the Fifth, I shout Kristin Scott Thomas!

KristenScottThomas.jpgWhile this trailer is hitting the headlines with the suffix "Ethan Hawke" on the end of it, I prefer to add the suffix of Kristin Scott Thomas, by far the bigger draw in the film for many and I'd argue the better actress/actor. Not that I'm putting down Hawke's performances for he's a good actor too, but I find there's so much more in Thomas' performances that she should be the headline for this trailer.

Of course the market is the American audience and they respond to Hawke better than Thomas, but I wonder if she will get the screen time and exposure she deserves in this film. There's also another question, is the film better than the trailer.

The Woman in the Fifth is a film about a man who gets caught up with a woman who may be involved in various murders, and as he becomes emotionally and psychologically entangled with her events around him begin to take some very inexplicable turns.

Here's the official blurb which I think I've more or less already described:

American writer Tom Ricks comes to Paris desperate to put his life together again. There he meets Margit, a mysterious stranger, and their intense, passionate relationship triggers a string of inexplicable events.

The film is adapted from a book by Douglas Kennedy and written and directed by Pawel Pawlikowski. It follows the writer and lecturer travels to Paris to escape his past and finds something very new and exciting, Kristen Scott Thomas, I would be totally beguiled by her in a moment, in fact I am and that's just through the screen.

The trailer, which First Showing found, is less than exciting. I'd say it's intriguing and offers some mystery, but I'm not getting the intensity that it's being sold with. Also I feel we've received our answers pretty early on in the trailer and I'm not being left with questions at the end, rather a large signpost, right or wrong, pointing to the answer.

Still, it has Thomas and she is fantastic, and there's Ethan Hawke too. Here's the trailer:



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