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X-Men: First Class sequel reteams

XMenFirstClass.jpg20th Century Fox has done the deal with Matthew Vaughn and he is indeed returning for another X-Men film, not just that but the announcement says that the cast of X-Men: First Class is also set to return for the sequel, but then how could they not?

Bryan Singer is returning as producer, but so is Simon Kinberg, writer of X-Men: The Last Stand and, perhaps more on the positive side, Sherlock Holmes.

This is good news for the sequel I think, and although some X-Men fans might be concerned that a writer from X-Men: The Last Stand, Simon Kinberg is set to write the script for the sequel, you have to remember the other films that he wrote like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Jumper (Filmstalker review), Sherlock Holmes, not just X-Men: The Last Stand (Filmstalker review) and xXx 2: The Next Level.

Yes, perhaps I'm not doing him any favours there and just need to move on. You know that maybe those scripts are rather different from the films that they became, who knows, we don't. One good thing is that he does know the X-Men universe and the characters and if all that doesn't allay your fears do remember that he's the first writer on the project and with this being Hollywood we're liable for a few yet.

The good news from The Hollywood Reporter is that Matthew Vaughn is on the sequel, and they say that 20th Century Fox have "closed deals for Matthew Vaughn and the cast of X-Men: First Class to return for the forthcoming sequel", I presume that by "the cast" they mean the entire cast of the first film with no mutants being replaced by new actors, no mutants appearing in the sequel that is.

I'm sure that some mutants will come and go, as always, but the main characters that have appeared in all the films and First Class will no doubt return for Second Class.

Great news that Vaughn is on board though, and now the attention turns to the story, for we've seen the two main characters take the courses that set them on their path, and Xavier and Lehnsherr both being tied in a very interesting way at the end of X-Men: First Class but we've not seen them truly start to tread the path that leads them to who they become, Magneto and Professor X, just the first few steps.

There's a lot to be had from the story from there on, and I think there's some excellent storylines to explore for a few films to come. I wonder what will happen after the young mutants have had their stories told? Are we heading off to the future? No matter, what's important now is Second Class.



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