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February 29, 2012

Filmstalker's Films for March 2012

What a mad month for cinema, well not really but it fits in with the month! There is a good month coming for film though and there's a wide range from blockbuster to foreign film that will keep everyone happy, and if you're a big fan of film like myself,...

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February 27, 2012

2012 Academy Awards Winners

The winners of the Academy Awards were announced last night and if you paid for Sky in the UK then you could have watched them live, or if like me you watch free television then you had to wait until you woke up to see. I wonder what other countries...

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February 24, 2012

Weinstein versus the MPAA

The Weinstein Company have had a few run-ins with the MPAA, and usually it's done them good. Good publicity and a dropped rating in a few cases, see Blue Valentine's rating drop as the best example, but in the case of their latest film Bully, it seems that they aren't...

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The Raid: Redemption gains new trailer

I can't think of the word, suffix is the closest I can get while I'm writing this so I'll go with that, The Raid has gained a new suffix and a new trailer. No, it's not suffix, but never mind, you can correct me. I've just seen The Raid at...

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New dramatic Brave trailer

There's a new trailer for Brave online which sets out the opening of the story really well, rather dramatically, and with plenty of Scottish voices that I'm sure half the world will need subtitles for! The new trailer is rather cool and I've just watched it again, maybe there's something...

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Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady documentary trailer

Following on from the recent film on Margaret Thatcher that turned out well for the BAFTAs and for Meryl Streep, comes a documentary about the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and what she was really like featuring footage from her career and interviews with those who worked with...

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Hugh Hefner: The Naked Truth trailer

A new documentary from Todd Cantelon is due this year that will feature the one and only Hugh Hefner as its main subject and in bold, sit down interviews speaking one on one about his life. The film also promises commentary from actors, writers and political figures and some never...

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Wrath of the Titans gains a new trailer

The new trailer for Wrath of the Titans has actually surprised me, the effects look amazing and the trailer really pulls you in, not just because of the strong cast behind it with Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson and Rosamund Pike being shown in the trailer itself, but Bill...

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Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope amusing trailer

The trailer for Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope opens with three big stars talking about their experiences of Comic-Con and ends with a big laugh from Kevin Smith. In between we're introduced to a few key people from the documentary who together will give us our view of Comic-Con....

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February 23, 2012

Closed: Win Don't Be Afraid of the Dark on DVD

To mark the release of Don't Be Afraid of the Dark on DVD and Blu-ray on the 20th of February, so that means it's out to buy already, Filmstalker has been given DVD's to simply give away in answer to ridiculously easy question. For those of you who need reminded,...

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Demo reel of previous John Carter online

Before the current John Carter film was made, the one by Andrew Stanton, there was an adaptation underway with Paramount and it went through a number of directors including Robert Rodriguez and Jon Favreau, who would have each brought a very different take to the film. However another name was...

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Update: 4:44 Last Day on Earth trailer

Abel Ferrara's film 4:44 Last Day on Earth has a simple premise which is really in the title, at 4:44 the world will end and all life on Earth will cease to be. The film is an examination of the end of the world and the effect it has on...

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February 22, 2012

Powerful Bully trailer, film upsets MPAA

There's a controversy brewing over the documentary Bully as Harvey Weinstein and one of the bullied children from the film are heading to the MPAA, the American film certification board, to try and appeal against the R rating that the organisation have assigned to the film, a rating that would...

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Bousman creates another film opera

The Devil's Carnival is a film that follows very much in the vein of Repo! The Genetic Opera and comes from the co-writer of Repo, Terrence Zdunich, with Darren Lynn Bousman once again directing. It features some sort of carnival where the devil tempts souls to his side through the...

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February 21, 2012

Mark Millar talks new film projects

Mark Millar is appearing at the Glasgow Film Festival this year as well as some signing sessions in the city, and as part of that he's been doing the press rounds and in one of his interviews he revealed what projects he has moving into film just now, and it...

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Statham looks great in Safe trailer

There's a new trailer for Safe online and it's looking really good, although I get a vibe of Mercury Rising to start with, Jason Statham is soon in the game with his trademark hard as nails stylish fight scenes, and then the action takes over. It looks great and delivers...

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February 20, 2012

I Am Legend sequel gains writer

I really liked the film I Am Legend and thought Will Smith did a really good job on it, of course you may be split on the endings that were offered, and if you preferred the feel of the theatrical one then you won't be so keen on the news...

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Zorro reborn again with Bernal

Seriously, another Zorro film? That seems to be the case, and it's not a terrible idea as the last Zorro films weren't a crime against cinema, they were fun and entertaining, but it's hard to see what could be milked from the idea, unless they go dark and gritty of...

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Sound of Noise trailer looks amazing

When I started watching the trailer for the Sound of Noise I thought it was going to be rather silly, the first opening scene began making me think it wasn't the film for me, however after this it takes on a bizarre feel and as the story is revealed it...

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Cherry trailer doesn't favour Franco, Graham, Patel

Cherry carries an interesting cast with Lili Taylor, Heather Graham, Dev Patel and James Franco as supporting characters with the lead of Ashley Hinshaw looking as though she's performing well alongside these actors. However the trailer really doesn't sell the film or tell us what it has to say about...

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If Not Us, Who? (Wer Wenn Nicht Wir) trailer arrives

The trailer for If Not Us, Who? does present a much more dramatic and driven film than the one I just saw at the Glasgow Film Festival this year. The film sounds interesting from the blurbs I'd read and the trailers I'd seen, including this one, but instead it felt...

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February 17, 2012

Winterbottom's Trishna trailer

I could have seen Trishna earlier this week at a screening at the Glasgow Film Festival but unfortunately I just couldn't take the day off work, I had already sloped off for a morning screening of The Raid, however I'm not regretting it after seeing the trailer that has arrived...

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Oscar nominee Bullhead gains a trailer

Bullhead is in the running for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and from all accounts that's quite rightly so. The comments on the trailer alone are enough to make you go and see it, and while the trailer might not get the story across to you it does...

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Jo Nesbø's Headhunters new trailer

Fingers crossed I'm off to see this on Sunday at the Glasgow Film Festival, and although I'm not sure how the film is going to turn out at all, I am rather excited to see it after the rather cool trailer that I've just seen. Jo Nesbø's novels have been...

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New [REC] 3: Génesis trailer

I've got a soft spot for the REC films, particularly as the second one did such a clever job of rejuvenating the ideas from the first and adding some very interesting twists. Well now REC 3: Génesis looks set to do give us another interesting turn of events for the...

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Bob Marley documentary trailer

A trailer has arrived for the documentary on Bob Marley made by Kevin Macdonald, simply titled Marley, and not so simply featuring a running time of some two and a half hours. According to many who have seen it Marley is a good film but it lacks any real investigation...

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Prometheus International trailer arrives

There's a new trailer online for Ridley Scott's Alien prequel that isn't an Alien prequel Prometheus, and while there's a lot of excitement over the trailer there isn't any new footage, it's just the same trailer but without the titles. That said, it's still superbly exciting and it's even more...

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Bean kills terrorists in Cleanskin trailer

Sean Bean is a cracking actor and a great on screen presence, unfortunately he doesn't always get prime leading roles, Cleanskin looks like it's giving him a forefront role as an undercover operative who is a Cleanskin - an agent who is totally unknown to the groups he is infiltrating....

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In the Land of Blood and Honey footage online

A clip from the Angelina Jolie film In the Land of Blood and Honey has appeared online just after the premiere in Berlin this week. It also screened in Sarajevo on Tuesday and afterwards some of the cast, including Jolie, were reported to have received death threats. Judging from the...

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New Intruders trailer

A new trailer for the Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directed film Intruders starring Clive Owen, Carice van Houten and Kerry Fox is online and it's revealed a little more than we've seen before from the film and shows it's not just the usual story of kid sees something scary and parents...

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The Amazing Spider-Man International trailer

A new International trailer for the reboot of Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man from director Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield as the new Peter Parker, Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors aka Lizard Man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Denis Leary, C. Thomas Howell, Campbell Scott,...

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Reuniting the Rubins trailer shows odd cast

I would have never thought of pitching Timothy Spall, Rhona Mitra, Honor Blackman, James Callis and Blake Harrison together in a film but then it seems to fit with the story itself which sees a disparate group of family members gathering together and fighting their way through their old wounds...

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February 15, 2012

Hitchcock's Suspicion next for remake

Well it really is going forward and the question will be where will this stop, are we going to see the entire Hitchcock catalogue remade? Well to be fair half of them already have just under different titles and guises so no one really notices. The latest is Suspicion, the...

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Pusher remake trailer arrives

Nicolas Winding Refn made a trilogy of films called Pusher and with his success with films such as Bronson (Filmstalker review) and Drive (Filmstalker review) it wouldn't have been a surprise to see his Pusher films picked up again and pushed on worldwide audiences, however that's not happened and instead...

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Two Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailers

Okay colour me surprised, the teaser trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter looks damned impressive and as it turns out it's probably a film I could actually watch and enjoy. To be honest I didn't start thinking like that, I mean the title suggests a film that is definitely for...

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Undefeated trailer inspires

I caught sight of this film the other day and wondered how lucky it must be to be making a documentary of a team who aren't performing and have no real indication that they would, and to capture them on a winning run. How amazing would your timing or your...

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February 14, 2012

Altered Carbon in development...again

Back in September of 2007 there was a strike that hit Hollywood pretty hard, the Screen Actors, Directors and Writers Guilds were taking to the pavements and that meant that a number of projects were going to be affected and a number were going to be rushed through before the...

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Transformers to get the reboot treatment by Bay

Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura has revealed that he and Michael Bay are in the development process for the next Transformers film, and that this will not be a sequel or apparently a prequel, but it's going to be a reboot. That's really interesting, a reboot of a franchise with the...

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February 13, 2012

BAFTA 2012 winners announced

Well if you didn't follow social media or watch the excellent show on BBC1 hosted by the incomparable Stephen Fry which was both hilarious, intelligent, sophisticated and had two of the best moments of awards ceremonies I've seen in a long time, then here is your catch up. Still, I'd...

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Watching the Alien films on Blu-ray

Alien Blu-ray boxset My friend Louise (@Weezy77) and I decided to do something rather silly. Since I wasn't really getting round to watching the Alien films on Blu-ray we decided to make an event of it, watch them all one after the other in one day, with beer and lots...

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February 10, 2012

Paradise Lost lost?

According to early rumours Alex Proyas' epic sounding film Paradise Lost could well have been halted altogether by Legendary. Already on hold the project had been paused in order to revise budgets and bring the cost down from the apparent US $120 million it was already expected to break. The...

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Princess Diana film swaps lead, will it tell all?

Last year we heard about three separate films on the life of Princess Diana were going to make it to production, while we haven't heard from the first two that came to light the third, Caught in Flight, has just swapped its leading lady. The Steven Jeffreys written and Oliver...

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Hitchcock's Rebecca remade

Is this the beginning of the end? I'm sure that when the remakes were just hitting their height people were joking about what would be next, and classics of Hitchcock were mentioned as one example of how far Hollywood really couldn't go in the poor remake department, and after all...

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February 9, 2012

De Palma directing Statham

It's hard to believe for some but Jason Statham is set to lead a Brian De Palma directed film which comes from writer William Goldman. Now while I love Statham and his films he has been pegged in a certain category, but I think The Expendables and The Mechanic (Filmstalker...

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The Bourne Legacy first trailer

Okay, colour me impressed. I thought The Bourne Legacy might end up being a copy of what we had seen before, just with different actors and characters, however it's not, and while it does seem to tie in with the Bourne films, this agent doesn't seem to be going the...

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Act of Valor delivers fantastic trailer

When I saw the first trailer for Act of Valor I have to admit I thought it was a little bit of a gimmick and might not turn out to be that great, but since then the trailers have evolved and grown and now they're presenting the film as something...

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Extraterrestre (Extraterrestrial) trailer from Timecrimes director

Nacho Vigalondo is the man who wrote and directed the superb film Timecrimes, and if you haven't seen it yet then you really need to. His latest film is called Extraterrestre or Extraterrestrial and is about a group of people who wake up to discover that there's a huge alien...

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New Iron Sky trailer looks insane

There's a new trailer for Iron Sky online and it has the most action and story from the film we've seen so far, in fact there's way more story than there was before and we're getting to see some of the characters on both sides. Is that a Sarah Palin-esque...

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February 8, 2012

Gibson's Viking film still alive and pillaging

It's fair to say that Mel Gibson doesn't tackle small projects, and the idea of a Viking epic has been something that's always been on his mind and has been mentioned a few times in the media. However it's never really come to fruition. When news came that he was...

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Ford never in new Blade Runner film

It has been confirmed that Harrison Ford would not be in the next Blade Runner film, and of course while that comes from the producer of the Blade Runner sequel it does always come with the caveat that this is early on in the development of the film and things...

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The Amazing Spider-Man trailer

The trailer came out yesterday and there was a lot of excitement at its release on the, and I have to use this word, web. So having let things cool down and taking a look at it today with a cool head, what's the feeling? Well the tone is great,...

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer

The French trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation is rather good fun I have to admit, even if the story comes through the words of Dwayne Johnson and the majority of the trailer are just a series of fade in-out shots showing us moments of cool action, suits and locations. I'm...

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February 7, 2012

What This Means War could have been

McG and his cast have been doing the press rounds for This Means War and that means lots of juicy quotes as well as the opportunity for people to corner him about Terminator Salvation (Filmstalker review), which actually seems to have come from his own lips The most interesting story...

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Riddick sequel gets plot update

To be fair there's not a lot of new news coming out about the Riddick film, but Vin Diesel and his team are really good at utilising social media and keeping talk going about their projects, Riddick is no different. This is the new Riddick film promising to encompass a...

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Let the Bullets Fly trailer looks bizarre

Let the Bullets Fly has just had a trailer released for it. Why should you care? Well it stars Chow Yun-Fat and it's one of the highest grossing Chinese films - mind you I'm not sure if the word grossing is used for money or the way the audience felt...

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February 6, 2012

Ferrara casts Depardieu as disgraced IMF head

I struggle to see how a film about the ex-head of the International Monetary Fund and French Finance Minister is going to be an interesting one to see on screen, even though he was forced to resign after an allegation of attempted rape was made against him while he was...

Read the full story "Ferrara casts Depardieu as disgraced IMF head" »

Second Bin Laden film gains big cast

It's unfair of me to say that this is the second film about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, let me instead say that this is the other film about the events. In fact you can see how unfair it is when you read the list of names that are...

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The Woman in Black opening scene

The opening scene for The Woman in Black has been dropped online and I have to say that I'm a little underwhelmed by it. I had hoped that it was going to start creeping me out from the word go as the trailers have all given the impression of a...

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Update: Super Bowl film teasers

Yes it's that time of year when America goes mad for a show that's too late on a Sunday night for us to watch in the UK and most of Europe, still the good thing to come out of it are extremely short clips of films that are blockbusters but...

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February 5, 2012

The Grey

Film Four Stars
I scoffed at the idea of this film originally, the thought of men against wolves in the wilderness just sounded a little contrived and would end up seeming like some sort of creature Hollywood action film. There were also comments made suggesting that it was another Taken, and I said...

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Film Four Stars
I haven't seen the stage play by Yasmina Reza called God of Carnage but from what I have heard it is rather good and so seeing the trailer for Roman Polanski's version of the film which he co-adapted with Reza immediately had me hungry to see it, especially with Jodie...

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Filmstalker's Films for February 2012

So we continue on with the list of films to see this month in the UK cinemas and they start with one I'm really keen to see and have heard great things about, and it follows in the steps of a film that I really love, Unbreakable. This month we...

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February 3, 2012

Short Circuit remake gains writer

There's a new writer aboard the remake of Short Circuit, and with the same director still attached it's clear what direction the film is headed, and it's not one that's going to capture the fans of the original I wouldn't think. Tim Hill is still directing, think Hop, Alvin and...

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The Island President trailer inspires

I know there are plenty of blinkered idiots out there, nations of them in fact, but when you are faced with losing your entire country underwater I guess your perspectives change a little, and the trailer for The Island President shows a man, and indeed a country, that are facing...

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When the Lights Went Out trailer, new UK horror

There's a new psychological horror coming out from the UK which is set firmly in the 1970's and is rather reminiscent of some very famous horror films, if you like comparing new films to old. Of course it is similar because the themes of poltergeists and exorcism are contained within,...

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February 2, 2012

Jackie Brown prequel gains cast

Well it's definitely happening, and amazingly so considering the writer/director began adapting the script without any permission to do so, he just wrote it and then sent the script to Elmore Leonard's representative. Amazingly the two read it and gave him the clearance to make the film, joining it as...

Read the full story "Jackie Brown prequel gains cast" »

Red Lights trailer creeps me out

Sigourney Weaver, Cillian Murphy and Robert De Niro starring together should be enough, but then there's Rodrigo Cortés writing and directing and this really good trailer for the film Red Lights that has De Niro playing a damn creepy character and Murphy looking rather creeped out by it all. The...

Read the full story "Red Lights trailer creeps me out" »

New Chronicle trailer seems a little messy

I'm rather disappointed with the new trailer for Chronicle as it just appears to be a collection of big shots showing off to everyone that it's more than the smaller character based story that the previous trailers suggested and screaming "look, there's tons of epic shots like people flying through...

Read the full story "New Chronicle trailer seems a little messy" »

February 1, 2012

Stalker's Top Ten 2011: Matt Adcock's Insightful Dialogue Moments

Well I'm calling it a year on the Stalker's Top Ten's for 2011, mainly because I'm now out of them, and also because I like ending them on a high, and Matt Adcock always does provide a good list. This year he's decided to select the Top Ten Insightful Dialogue...

Read the full story "Stalker's Top Ten 2011: Matt Adcock's Insightful Dialogue Moments" »

RoboCop remake gains writer

There's some weight hitting behind the remake of RoboCop, and while it's not a Darren Aronofsky version I was delighted to find that José Padilha was directing the remake, I mean think about Ônibus 174 (Bus 174) (Filmstalker review), Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) (Filmstalker review) and Elite Squad: The...

Read the full story "RoboCop remake gains writer" »

Game Change trailer changes Palin's story

It's probably interesting for someone in America to be reading what I think of Sarah Palin and what effect the trailer has on my perceptions of her, but from the media view we've received there are some interesting shifts in the view of her in this trailer for Game Change....

Read the full story "Game Change trailer changes Palin's story" »

7500 trailer shows a flying Grudge?

The writer and director of Ju-On and The Grudge, and both of their respective sequels, has stayed in Hollywood for a new film called 7500 and the trailer is now flying around online making a rather good impression. The question is though; will the 7500 starring Ryan Kwanten, Leslie Bibb,...

Read the full story "7500 trailer shows a flying Grudge?" »


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