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Update: 4:44 Last Day on Earth trailer

444.jpgAbel Ferrara's film 4:44 Last Day on Earth has a simple premise which is really in the title, at 4:44 the world will end and all life on Earth will cease to be. The film is an examination of the end of the world and the effect it has on people led by the excellent Willem Dafoe.

While Dafoe may be an excellent actor I have to say the trailer leaves a lot to be desired. It feels rough and unfinished but the film itself has gained a lot of positive reviews.

There's not much out there about the film, the IMDB blurb for 4:44 Last Day on Earth is light:

A look at what would happen if everyone knew the world was ending.

Abel Ferrara writes and directs with Willem Dafoe and Paz de la Huerta in the lead roles, and there really isn't much more I can tell you other than direct you to the trailer which comes through Quiet Earth:

Update: 4:44 Last Day trailer on Apple Trailers in high definition.



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