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7500 trailer shows a flying Grudge?

7500.jpgThe writer and director of Ju-On and The Grudge, and both of their respective sequels, has stayed in Hollywood for a new film called 7500 and the trailer is now flying around online making a rather good impression.

The question is though; will the 7500 starring Ryan Kwanten, Leslie Bibb, Amy Smart and Jamie Chung turn out to be a Grudge at high altitude? Perhaps not according to the trailer.

The film is a supernatural thriller but the trailer cleverly keeps things hidden from the viewer, doing the jump cuts to the slow reaction shots before events for the most part and then a few panic moments to heighten the tension. It's pretty formulaic in the trailer, but what intrigues are the shots, the eerie feel of the music and moments like the squashing bottle, an eerie effect of something about to happen.

The trailer for 7500 is really effective and an important thing to note with 7500 is that the writer is not Takashi Shimizu but actually Craig Rosenberg who wrote The Uninvited and wrote and directed Half Light.

What this means is that we're really not going to get a Grudge in mid-air but actually something stronger, and while you might not be leaping all over Rosenberg's writing credits, they do show a strong turn to the supernatural.

The trailer, which comes through The Hollywood Reporter, quickly tells the story of 7500; passengers and crew aboard a ten hour flight are settling down when strange events begin happening, events which begin to escalate and point to something more supernatural.

Here's the trailer for 7500:



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