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Bob Marley documentary trailer

Marley.jpgA trailer has arrived for the documentary on Bob Marley made by Kevin Macdonald, simply titled Marley, and not so simply featuring a running time of some two and a half hours.

According to many who have seen it Marley is a good film but it lacks any real investigation and understanding of the person Bob Marley, preferring to tell the story of the man's life. Still, a documentary of Bob Marley is undoubtedly going to prove to be huge and continue on being so for a long time to come.

It's rather surprising to think that the director of State of Play and The Eagle, Kevin Macdonald, would be the one to make the Bob Marley documentary, but he has and it's a great addition to his career.

With everything about Bob Marley enduring so long and seeping into the cultural core of so many around the world, it's not a long shot to predict that the same thing will happen for such a documentary about the man, his life and his music, even if it doesn't look deeper into the character than the telling of his story.

Here's the trailer for Marley which comes through Vlicious and The Playlist:



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