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Demo reel of previous John Carter online

JohnCarter.jpgBefore the current John Carter film was made, the one by Andrew Stanton, there was an adaptation underway with Paramount and it went through a number of directors including Robert Rodriguez and Jon Favreau, who would have each brought a very different take to the film.

However another name was attached, Kerry Conran, the man who directed Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow which really did feel like a great starting point for John Carter, and he created a demo reel for the film which you can now see right here.

Andrew Stanton's John Carter film is about to be released and it looks packed with special effects, as any John Carter film would have to be, but there have been a lot of mixed comments from the production and budget through to the upcoming release. I'm not sure which way it's going to go although I do hope that it's more Stanton than Disney.

However within the demo reel from Kerry Conran's idea of John Carter come a few effects shots, an action sequence and plenty of sketches of how the film and the characters would look in his adaptation, and while there are many similarities, it's also very promising.

Time will only tell if this looked to be a better route, once we've seen the Stanton film we might look back on some of this and wonder if it could have made a better film, but that's all just speculation for we'll never see it made.

What we can see though is the demo reel which The Hollywood Reporter have found. Have a look and see what you think:

I thought Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was a rather enjoyable film and packed tons of style, and the period feel of the film combined made me think that Conran could do a good job with John Carter. The question is, could it have been better than Stanton's version?



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