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Game Change trailer changes Palin's story

GameChange.jpgIt's probably interesting for someone in America to be reading what I think of Sarah Palin and what effect the trailer has on my perceptions of her, but from the media view we've received there are some interesting shifts in the view of her in this trailer for Game Change.

The film looks at the campaign of John McCain and its decision to pull Sarah Palin in and run her alongside him. While the trailer does present a tiny glimpse of what we saw, some shortcomings, we never saw them to this degree and we never saw any hint of personal struggle behind the scenes.

What's most interesting in the Game Change trailer though is the way that Sarah Palin is portrayed as fighting against the establishment of the John McCain to be her own voice, even if that voice is wrong.

Still, the trailer does present her in a very sympathetic light, and over here we were shown a woman who likes to go hunting, loves guns, mixes religion and politics heavily and believes in armed response, a female George Bush is the way we were shown her.

So the trailer for Game Change is doing just that for me, and in a sympathetic way for Palin.

The Jay Roach film looks set to give Julianne Moore a fantastic chance at giving it her all as Palin though, and she looks and plays fantastically in this trailer, as does Ed Harris as John McCain.

The script is adapted by Danny Strong from the book by John Heilman and Mark Halperin, and apart from the two leads it also stars Woody Harrelson, Ron Livingston, Peter MacNicol and Sarah Paulson.

Here's the trailer for the film which comes through Deadline:



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