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Hitchcock's Rebecca remade

Rebecca.jpgIs this the beginning of the end? I'm sure that when the remakes were just hitting their height people were joking about what would be next, and classics of Hitchcock were mentioned as one example of how far Hollywood really couldn't go in the poor remake department, and after all Psycho was attempted a while ago and there has been talk of films such as The Birds.

So news of another Hitchcock remake isn't really that surprising, although the choice of film is and perhaps it's not one that everyone would leap to being a terrible crime against film if it were remade, Rebecca.

The original 1940's film Rebecca comes from the novel by Daphne Du Maurier and stars Sir Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine as a young woman who marries a wealthy widower and settles down to a life in his rather fantastic mansion. However she soon discovers that her new husband and the servants in the house are still massively attached to the former lady of the house.

The new film, according to Variety, will be made by DreamWorks and Working Title with Steven Knight, writer of Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things, returning to the original Daphne Du Maurier novel for the adaptation.

I don't think this is as galling as a straight remake of an Alfred Hitchcock film, and while this is a strong film from the director, there's a source material that this new film is going to adapt from and it has a strong writer and production companies behind it.

This could have been much worse, but then again it could provide for a very different vision of the story. Not so bad news as it could have been.

Do you think the remake madness of Hollywood is past us and they realise now that they have to cherry pick projects which are good and offer something previously unseen, particularly in their source material?



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