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Hitchcock's Suspicion next for remake

SuspicionHitchcock.jpgWell it really is going forward and the question will be where will this stop, are we going to see the entire Hitchcock catalogue remade? Well to be fair half of them already have just under different titles and guises so no one really notices.

The latest is Suspicion, the original starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine, although the remake looks set to concentrate on the book from which the film was adapted, so like the recent news of the Rebecca remake, this isn't a direct remake.

The original film was made in 1941 and adapted from the novel Before the Fact written by Anthony Berkeley as Francis Iles, and the intentions seem to be to return to this novel for the new version, a version which already has a writer attached.

According to Variety through First Showing Veena Sud, who was one of the main writers for the American The Killing television series, is going to be the one who will adapt the novel for the film.

The story follows a woman who marries the man she has fallen in love with, only to have her suspicions raised time and time again that he isn't the person she thought he was, and is perhaps a liar and a murderer and she could be next on his list.

Certainly the film could provide for a great performance from the female lead, as it did originally with Suspicion and earned Joan Fontaine the Best Actress Oscar, however the tone of the film needs to be right and hold back keeping the audience in the same place as the female lead, if that doesn't happen then we could easily lose the film.

It's early days though, and the writer of the American version of The Killing seems to be a good choice for the film, even if there has been some controversy about the ending of the series.

Is there room for another remake of an Alfred Hitchcock classic? I wonder if we really are going to see his entire list plundered?



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