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Hugh Hefner: The Naked Truth trailer

TheNakedTruth.jpgA new documentary from Todd Cantelon is due this year that will feature the one and only Hugh Hefner as its main subject and in bold, sit down interviews speaking one on one about his life. The film also promises commentary from actors, writers and political figures and some never before seen footage that will come from Hefner's private collection.

This looks like a very open film that will delve deeply into the heart and mind of the controversial and reclusive man, and the trailer is here.

The film blurb promises a lot from the film and yet the trailer prefers to focus on a few moments from interviews directly with Hugh Hefner, and while I think it works as a teaser I do wonder if we need some powerful moments from other people commenting on his life. That said, the trailer works well as is.

Here's the blurb for the film Hugh Hefner: The Naked Truth:

Hugh gives his most personal interview with unprecedented honesty and raw emotion, mixed with exclusive archive footage, images from Hef's personal collection, and brand new HD imagery from the locations discussed. Featuring social commentary from World-renowned actors, writers, and political figures to create a picture of one of the twentieth century's most controversial and influential figures.

The trailer may have some rather silly titles that are totally unnecessary, particularly the final one asking the question of Hefner between clips that seems totally stupid, after all isn't the closing comment from Hugh Hefner enough for the trailer? However it is a good trailer and I really liked the slow introduction and the fact that we're hearing from Hefner himself.

Here is that trailer through TrailerAddict:

I think this might be a fascinating film as we've never really poured into the mind of the man and his story of how he came to found Playboy and build his empire, and more importantly what pushed him to do this and what drives the man onwards.

This could be the film to do that, but it won't be without its controversy I'm sure as there will undoubtedly be groups who will want their voices heard about his publications and his life.



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