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Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady documentary trailer

MargaretThatcherTheIronLady.jpgFollowing on from the recent film on Margaret Thatcher that turned out well for the BAFTAs and for Meryl Streep, comes a documentary about the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and what she was really like featuring footage from her career and interviews with those who worked with her from Lord Michael Heseltine to Lord Geoffrey Howe.

It is a bit confusing that Gyles Brandreth opens the commentary, but then he was a junior minister although with John Major, not Thatcher. Still, what this film can promise is a look into the real stories of Thatcher and her time in power.

There's not a lot of information on the documentary which seems to be released directly to DVD and I am a bit surprised that there aren't more contributions from politicians and people around her during her time in power, Michael Heseltine and Geoffrey Howe are great examples but there are so many more.

Still, this could be the start of more films about Margaret Thatcher's time in power, and it could have many more interviews and insights in the film that the blurb doesn't tell us about.

From her humble beginnings as a Grocers daughter from Grantham, Margaret Thatcher fought her way through the murky world of politics, the sexist prejudices of the Conservative Party elite and the scepticism of the British electorate to become the greatest British Prime Minister since Winston Churchill.

Margaret Thatcher - The Iron Lady is the first major documentary to look back on the development and impact of this remarkable woman, whom commentators of both the political left and right agree changed the face of 20th Century politics forever. Featuring many excerpts from her powerful speeches and insightful contributions from her political supporters and detractors, a portrait emerges of a woman whose strength of conviction eventually became her weakness.

This programme includes intimate footage of the Thatchers at home in Number 10, and unseen footage from her emotional and first major interview after her resignation as Prime Minister with Michael Brunson in 1992. Contributors include: Lord Heseltine, Lord Howe, ex-Conservative MP Gyles Brandreth, ITN political editor Michael Brunson, biographer Hugo Vickers, political correspondent Nicholas Owen, biographer Robert Lacey.

Here's the trailer for Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady through TrailerAddict:

For all the people who thought that The Iron Lady film didn't tell enough of the truth or painted it in a different way to the way they remember, perhaps this documentary is something to redress the balance?



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