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New Chronicle trailer seems a little messy

Chronicle.jpgI'm rather disappointed with the new trailer for Chronicle as it just appears to be a collection of big shots showing off to everyone that it's more than the smaller character based story that the previous trailers suggested and screaming "look, there's tons of epic shots like people flying through buildings, flying cars, flying people,..." and so on.

I'm really not sure what this new trailer is supposed to be doing other than trying to sell it to the big action crowd, and maybe that's the intention.

The previous trailers have kept it small and hinted at big, each time revealing a little more and even the last one gave us a glimpse of big scenes and flying, but this one just seems to be a montage of all the big scenes cut together, without much heart or purpose behind it, other than selling those big scenes.

See what you think of the new, and final, Chronicle trailer through TrailerAddict, I really don't think it does the film justice:



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