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Powerful Bully trailer, film upsets MPAA

Bully.jpgThere's a controversy brewing over the documentary Bully as Harvey Weinstein and one of the bullied children from the film are heading to the MPAA, the American film certification board, to try and appeal against the R rating that the organisation have assigned to the film, a rating that would mean it wouldn't be shown in anything near the number of cinemas that a new release would like, or the film deserves.

Mind you, is that the fault of the MPAA or the cinemas, for an R rating still means that anyone can see it, they just need to go with their parent if they're under seventeen, and yet those are the children that need to be seeing a film that tells a story against bullying.

The new trailer for the film Bully, formerly known as The Bully Project, is a powerful one and alone should affect some people, however the key message is going to be in the film itself and that's what children should be seeing.

That said, the trailer does suggest that the film is going to show some violent and upsetting scenes, but then it's clearly for a cause that needs to be heard, isn't it? Turns out though that the MPAA aren't concerned about the violence, apparently it's the profanity in the film.

Okay, take a moment and step back from your sheltered puritan lives and take a deep dose of reality here. What's more important and going to have more effect on children who watch the documentary, swear words or the message of the film to stop bullying? You do realise that the kids are hearing swearing minute by minute and, as far as I'm aware, that's not caused the death of anyone, bullying has.

Lee Hirsch has directed the film that looks at bullying in young people and how it is clearly out of control and being ignored by many in power as well as others around it, and the film attempts to show the effects of bullying on children and families and how people of all ages can stamp it out.

Tell me, does that deserve an R rating, even if it does use the real world swear words that the bullies do?

The trailer comes from Moviefone through The Playlist:



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