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Princess Diana film swaps lead, will it tell all?

PrincessDiana.jpgLast year we heard about three separate films on the life of Princess Diana were going to make it to production, while we haven't heard from the first two that came to light the third, Caught in Flight, has just swapped its leading lady.

The Steven Jeffreys written and Oliver Hirschbiegel directed film was set to have Jessica Chastain take the lead, but now that's changed to Naomi Watts, a bit closer in looks and nationality to Diana.

The film, Caught in Flight, is set to look at the last few years of her life after leaving the Royal Family and Prince Charles and heading out into the world looking for her own way in life, campaigning for charities and international causes, and finding a new love with Hasnat Khan, as well as looking at the relationship which followed with Dodi Fayed and the terrible accident which ended their lives.

The Guardian has the news and also highlights a fear I have, that the film won't tell the truth about her life, and yet looking at the calibre of people on this project I'm hopeful that it will.

The Hollywood style story would have her forced into marriage in the Royal Family, kept there against her will, forced to have children and a fake marriage and finally find the strength to leave when she because a tireless campaigner for all that is good and true and was murdered in nefarious circumstances.

Not true unfortunately for Hollywood, and while executives might like that story above anything else the truth isn't so dramatic or as exciting. What it is though is revealing and tells a rather different story of a true life character who was respected and revered across the globe.

As usual what I really hope is that the film isn't disrespectful to those still alive in her family, including the British Royal Family, because whatever their regal status they are her sons and ex-husband, and they too have memories and feelings for her that deserve not to be sullied.

That said, this shouldn't stop the truth from being told. If a film is going to be made of a person that existed in real life then the story should be factual no matter what, and the temptation here will be to go for the headlines and the dramatic story whatever the truth.

Surely though Oliver Hirschbiegel, the director of Das Experiment and Downfall, and the writer Steven Jeffreys won't be going down the sensationalist route.

Back to the main story, I like the move from Jessica Chastain to Naomi Watts, I just wonder how well audiences will take to her as Diana?



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