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Pusher remake trailer arrives

PusherRemake.jpgNicolas Winding Refn made a trilogy of films called Pusher and with his success with films such as Bronson (Filmstalker review) and Drive (Filmstalker review) it wouldn't have been a surprise to see his Pusher films picked up again and pushed on worldwide audiences, however that's not happened and instead an English language remake of the first film has arrived.

Already set to be distributed through the Weinstein company the film comes from director Luis Prieto and carries Richard Coyle as the drug dealer at the head of the story, a man running out of time to pay off a debt he's created with a mobster.

Richard Coyle plays the drug dealer who gets in with a mobster in order to get more cash to buy more product for a bigger deal, however he gets caught up in the middle of a police raid and he loses the money and the drugs and the mobster wants his money back.

Here's a blurb for the Pusher remake:

As edgy and explosive as Nicolas Winding Refn's 1996 cult classic, this English language remake sees a small time London drug dealer descend into debt following a spot of bad luck and a series of bad choices. The more desperate his behavior gets, the more isolated he becomes until there is nothing left standing between him and the nine millimeter bullet his debtors intend to put through his skull…

The trailer for Pusher looks good, and there's a copy of the original beneath it for a comparison, thanks to Collider for both links:

Now have a look at the original Pusher:

Dare I say this remake looks rather good?



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