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Red Lights trailer creeps me out

RedLights.jpgSigourney Weaver, Cillian Murphy and Robert De Niro starring together should be enough, but then there's Rodrigo Cortés writing and directing and this really good trailer for the film Red Lights that has De Niro playing a damn creepy character and Murphy looking rather creeped out by it all.

The film has two scientific investigators of paranormal power debunking psychics all around the world, and when the legendary psychic Simon Silver appears from a thirty year absence one of the investigators begins an unhealthy obsession with debunking him.

It seems though that the debunking has been done before, except on his return Silver is creating more and more inexplicable events, and each one greater than the last. The investigator gets closer to the man to try and reveal his truth, but he finds he's questioning himself in the process.

The leads are an excellent choice to play together but it's the trailer that really captures my imagination here, and its worthwhile watching.

The trailer for Red Lights comes through TrailerAddict:



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