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Statham looks great in Safe trailer

JasonStatham.jpgThere's a new trailer for Safe online and it's looking really good, although I get a vibe of Mercury Rising to start with, Jason Statham is soon in the game with his trademark hard as nails stylish fight scenes, and then the action takes over.

It looks great and delivers a fantastic closing line for the actor, I'm wondering if this is going to be another Hollywood film that is going to reinforce him as the action star of choice these days.

Partly I think that's a shame as Jason Statham can act, and act well, there are a good few films where you can see that the best of late being The Bank Job (Filmstalker review), but then again he's a superb action star so why not keep doing that while he can? Especially when he's involved in films that look this good.

Safe is written and directed by Boaz Yakin who has written a mix of films of varying genres and quality, and he directed Remember the Titans. The film's main bad guy seems to be Chris Sarandon, a man who does play a mean bad guy.

Statham plays an ex-cop, one of the toughest in the city, and one day he comes across a girl on her own on the subway that is set upon by armed men. He defeats them all, saves her, and in the process becomes the most hunted man in the city with the police, Chinese gangs and Russian gangs all after him and the secret the girl holds.

We've seen one trailer for the film already, but here's a typical Hollywood action trailer that actually does look a lot of fun, through TrailerAddict:



There seems to be a small surge of quality action movies these months and this one's got my attention too. If only my girl was more of an action flick fan, I could see more of those at the theater. Now if I could only find someone to go see Haywire!

I have the same problem, Mrs Filmstalker needs some extra incentive and that's usually the promise of dinner as well as the film!


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