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Update: Super Bowl film teasers

Battleship.jpgYes it's that time of year when America goes mad for a show that's too late on a Sunday night for us to watch in the UK and most of Europe, still the good thing to come out of it are extremely short clips of films that are blockbusters but perhaps not the best films for the year.

Yes, I am being ever so slightly sarcastic, and with that here are the Super Bowl teasers which are very short, very expensive but reach a huge American audience.

So here are those Super Bowl teasers, and some are rather disappointing, although I do like the Act of Valor, John Carter and The Avengers teasers, and the new Battleship teaser reveals quite a lot more about the story including the aliens we've never seen before.

G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation has a really pretty poor teaser if you ask me, I wonder why they wasted money on this one.

Even the teaser for Dr. Seuss' The Lorax is better than the G.I. Joe 2 one. There's more new footage and more to capture your imagination.

Act of Valor has a good teaser, and I'm rather keen to see this film. Let's hope it lives up to everything it's promising.

Battleship gets a teaser which shows us the aliens, and I do think this is a bit of a coup as we haven't seen them before, much more footage than we've seen and a lot more civilian population devastation than we've seen. Bring in the big spinning balls with teeth and the strange three fingered aliens.

The Avengers is doing well in the polls that people are taking on the best Super Bowl teaser, but then the polls don't include a decent amount of people outside of America. Still, I think I might vote for this or John Carter as being most effective. Oh and we get to see that Loki is at least one of the bad guys if not the only one.

John Carter, this teaser has plenty of new footage for us, and I rather liked it, even if it did rely on the big hairy creature scene again.

The Dictator, just footage we've already seen apart from a little introduction from Sacha Baron Cohen's character, and nothing really exciting.

Wooo! That was worth it wasn't it? Actually in the case of Battleship it probably was.

Update: A new addition of the 21 Jump Street teaser, and you can see why it didn't make much of a splash, it is truly rubbish. In my head I just swore.



Hmmm, just don't get the battleships one I'm afraid. However, The Dictator one did make me laugh out loud, which isn't too shabby for a trailer.

The rest of them are pretty ho-hum, even though I'm looking forward to the films themselves.

The best movie related one was the Seinfeld one for that car - it did have a munchkin in it!


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