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The Raid: Redemption gains new trailer

TheRaid.jpgI can't think of the word, suffix is the closest I can get while I'm writing this so I'll go with that, The Raid has gained a new suffix and a new trailer. No, it's not suffix, but never mind, you can correct me.

I've just seen The Raid at the Glasgow Film Festival and you can expect the review to go live next week while I'm on holiday in the middle of nowhere enjoying a relaxing time, and I have to say it was insanely good and this trailer mirrors that insanity.

The new trailer for The Raid: Redemption shows off that incredible moment in the fight scene that you can hardly believe is really happening in front of you, a feeling that comes up time and time again through the film.

Superlatives don't go far enough to describe some of the feelings in this film, and when I watched it with a cinema of jaded media reviewers, mostly print and screen reviewers, there were a surprising amount of reactions from the audience, visible ones as well as audible, and afterwards a good few were beaming and discussing how crazy it was.

This is indeed one of the best action films you've seen and will see, heavy on the action and style and light on the actual story it does manages to deliver a good mix of the two, enough to feel you believe the characters choices and decisions, and not too much to detract from the action.

There's enough story in there so you don't feel the characters are being manoeuvred from fight to fight and that there is a reason and a flow to the events, but at the same time it doesn't forget what it is and it delivers that action in bucket loads.

It's no wonder this film has been picked up for a remake, even if there's next to no chance they could better the film, and no surprise that writer and director Gareth Evans, yes a Welsh bloke writing and directing an Indonesian film, has committed to two more films as part of a trilogy.

Evans has said little about the sequel, but it all looks set to go and will follow from the first film, there are clues as to where it would go from the end of The Raid, but we'll have to wait and see. What's more exiting is how they can deliver more than they did, after all some of the stunts in this film are insane and you can't believe they are happening on screen.

Here's the new trailer for The Raid, or The Raid: Redemption which comes from Yahoo Movies:



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