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When the Lights Went Out trailer, new UK horror

WhentheLightsWentOut.jpgThere's a new psychological horror coming out from the UK which is set firmly in the 1970's and is rather reminiscent of some very famous horror films, if you like comparing new films to old. Of course it is similar because the themes of poltergeists and exorcism are contained within, themes that are in a lot of horror films to be honest.

Sure, the trailer does suggest some similar scenes, but it would be nice if it was judged on its own merits, and so far the trailer does show some interesting aspects to the film.

What concerns me about When the Lights Went Out is that there isn't really a great deal of focus or weight on the events that scare the people, perhaps it's an early trailer and there aren't a lot of effects or action shots completed, but it does feel a bit light on the ground in the scare factor. We understand that the family are scared, scared enough to call in a priest, but in the trailer I don't understand where those fears are coming from.

That said the period part of the trailer looks good and it stars Kate Ashfield, Martin Compston, Gary Lewis, Craig Parkinson, Andrea Lowe, Peter Egan and more names from British film and television, and is written and directed by Pat Holden who directed Awaydays and The Long Weekend.

Here's the blurb for the film which comes through JoBlo:

Yorkshire, 1974. Britain is in recession, the oil crisis and black outs loom large. The Maynard family move into their dream house, only to find a "presence" already living there. Len, Jenny and their daughter Sally must struggle to keep their already-fragile family together as they are attacked by poltergeists. Soon it becomes apparent that Sally is their main focus of attention. The house becomes a living nightmare. They must exorcise the evil spirits for them to survive.

Did you realise that this is based on a true story?

Here's the trailer for the film When the Lights Went Out which also might be called Speak No Evil, according to a blank Facebook page for the film:



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