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Famous Five (Fünf Freunde) trailer

FunfFreunde.jpgI wrote about this on the Filmstalker Facebook page as I couldn't think of much else to write about it at the time but now that the new Famous Five film has a full theatrical trailer I thought it was about time to mention it, and remind you that it's German.

Yes, a German Famous Five film seems surprising and yet judging by the trailer they've captured it rather well and there looks to be some good comedy that might just cross borders easily.

Here's the blurb for Famous Five, or Fünf Freunde, which is based on the famous Enid Blyton characters.

Siblings Julian, Dick and Anne aren't looking forward to spending all summer in a tiny village with their relatives. The feeling is mutual; tomboy cousin George doesn't even want their company. But things take an exciting turn when they meet Timmy and George's secret canine friend and stumble upon a mystery connected to the remote Kirrin Island, which just happens to belong to George's family. As the intrepid sleuths seek clues, they cross paths with various strange characters œ each with secrets to hide. Based on the beloved characters from Enid Blyton's classic series of books, The Famous Five find adventure at every turn, showing that friendship, cooperation and good old-fashioned teamwork can make even the most seemingly mundane task a rip-roaring escapade.

The trailer looks like good fun, but since it's a kid film, I wonder how well it will do overseas, and the big question, how well will it do in British cinemas with a young British audience going to see subtitles?

My feeling, and hope, is that the kids won't mind a bit and will take to it without question, after all in our modern society we should be looking at other cultures and languages from an early age without question, but will the parents who take them think twice?

Here's the trailer through TrailerAddict for Famous Five or Fünf Freunde:



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