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Ice Age: Continental Drift trailer surprises

IceAgeContinentalDrift.jpgI thought another instalment of the Ice Age animated films might just be one too far, indeed I wondered if they had gone too far already but there's still an audience for them and they're still being made. So I had a look at the trailer for the latest in the series Ice Age: Continental Drift.

I was surprised. It's funny, the characters are still funny and engaging, and there's still a story to be made out of them. From the trailer anyway it looks like it might keep the franchise going a little longer.

Here's the blurb for Ice Age: Continental Drift:

Scrat's nutty pursuit of the cursed acorn, which he's been after since the dawn of time, has world-changing consequences -- a continental cataclysm that triggers the greatest adventure of all for Manny, Diego and Sid. In the wake of these earth-shattering upheavals, Sid reunites with his long lost family, and the gang encounters a ragtag menagerie of colorful new characters determined to stop them from returning home.

The film carries the same leading names and more making a pretty huge cast with Denis Leary to John Leguizamo, Nick Frost to Jennifer Lopez.

Here's the trailer for Ice Age: Continental Drift which comes through TrailerAddict and can be seen on Apple Trailers. The film is being released across the world from late June through to July - 6th July in the UK and 13th July in the US:

What do you think? Could it have another shot?



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