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Jack Ryan's return swaps hands

KennethBranagh.jpgIt looked for a while as though the return of Jack Ryan was down to Jack Bender, a director of some great television series. However that hasn't lived out as he has had to leave the project that was set to see Chris Pine as the new, younger Ryan due to conflicts with his television directing duties.

So who to replace him? Well for a short while it looked like no one, until the news came that the excellent director, who for me is still more known for his wonderful Shakespearean adaptations than Thor (Filmstalker review), Kenneth Branagh.

Yes, it seems as though Kenneth Branagh is keen to continue directing more mainstream projects as he is in talks to bring to life the new version of Jack Ryan and is in negotiations right now according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Of course that doesn't mean he's definitely going to direct, but by the time the rumours get to this stage we're almost certain that the "in negotiations" talent will get the position.

There's not much news that goes along with the story but you can be sure of one thing, with his arrival there will undoubtedly be a rewrite of the script, not just because he'll bring a different take and a more story and character focused telling of the story because of Branagh's style and past films, but because the arrival of a new director almost always does mean a rewrite.

They have time though as the new Jack Ryan film isn't due out until after Star Trek 2 is complete, after all being Kirk and Ryan is rather demanding.

This is nothing but good news, to be fair the news that Jack Bender was going to direct was good since he directed some extremely good television series, but Kenneth Branagh is a whole different level, a man who has been entirely in control of his own projects and delivered some wonderfully told stories and beautifully crafted films which really do understand the work they are being adapted from as well as the audience.

I think, just as I thought for Thor, if he's allowed the room to manoeuvre on the project then we could be seeing a great Jack Ryan film. Let's hope he gets the job and the studio don't try and crush him and control every aspect of the project, mind you that's what I expected for a Marvel led Thor and look how well he did with that, surely there's going to be more scope for the director with a Tom Clancy free Jack Ryan?



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