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John Carter final trailer

JohnCarter.jpgThe final trailer for John Carter has arrived and although it still concentrates on the big creature fight, there's a lot more of the other battles included, but I can't help wonder in all of the build up where the story trailer has gone - have I missed it?

The trailers I've seen for John Carter so far don't really attempt to explain the story to the audience who don't know it already; really they're saying one human type creature with amazing powers is fighting in a battle between groups of people on a foreign planet.

I would have thought that the studio would have wanted to put out a trailer that gave more of an explanation of the story rather than continually concentrating on the one creature battle and showing off the effects. I have to say I don't think the trailer campaign has been very well thought out.

Here's the final John Carter trailer through TrailerAddict, although I hope we might see some European ones to come that deliver more of a story:



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