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New Prometheus trailer reveals much more

Prometheus.jpgA new trailer for Prometheus arrived and with it some new footage, couple that with some lines from the trailer and I think I may have the story for the film, the film which does come before Alien and does set up the more epic story on which Alien is set.

If it's right, and judging from the stills and what is said I think it could well be, this plot idea could easily make way for more stories which are inside the same universe as the existing Alien franchise but ignore the single and narrow viewed storylines that are followed in those films.

Now beware for I believe there are spoilers galore in here, and these are probably going to be big spoilers, although while I might have liked to have seen these in the film and not the trailer, I'm not really getting too upset about them as they really have added to my excitement to see the film.

This new trailer for Prometheus really does explain a lot more about the story and perhaps for Ridley Scott might reveal a little too much, especially when you grab some images from the trailer which I have once again done.

First though, to give you distance from the potential spoilers, here's the blurb for Prometheus:

Ridley Scott, director of "Alien" and "Blade Runner," returns to the genre he helped define. With Prometheus, he creates a groundbreaking mythology, in which a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.

Now I'll let you either head off to Apple Trailers to watch the trailer in Quicktime high definition, or watch it below through TrailerAddict, where you can also watch it in HD.

Okay, last call, there are spoilers below and if you really don't want to see them you should be stopping your eyes from dropping any further and closing the page.

Right, gone? Do you want to see more? Good, let's move on.

I'm going to take some stills from the trailer and work through them, just to outline some theories and more importantly to show some very clear signs of what is to come. Coupled with the dialogue we hear this trailer delivers some new information that finally tells us what Prometheus will deliver.

First up I'm just giving you this image because it shows the excellent effects work in the film, I love the shot of the ship landing, but considering this is pre-Alien they do need to be careful that they don't make the technology look too good, and judging from some of the scenes of moving images in the air and the cryogenic chambers it does look much flashier and technologically advanced.

Prometheus Trailer2 - Landing Effects

Not why we're here though. See Michael Fassbender's character get excited at the little moving stones on top of this pot in the chamber that carries all these pots in front of a mammoth human head statue.

Prometheus Trailer2 - Pot Opening

What's happening there then? Is it about to open and something pop out? Well it doesn't look like Fassbender here but someone's being infected with something. You'll remember the previous grabs from the first trailer which showed an infected human leaping on top of one of the crew and fighting with them, is this the start of that infection? Something that will take over the person and bend their will to some other purpose?

Prometheus Trailer2 - Infected Face

That infection is spreading.

Prometheus Trailer2 - Infection Spreads

Oh look, a similar still to the previous trailer, a huge man heading to the infamous "Space Jockey" chair, could he be the pilot?

Prometheus Trailer2 - Pilot sans Suit

Now as the pilot sits down with his helmet on you can see the rib cage type device pulling into him, obviously part of the suit.

Prometheus Trailer2 - Pilot Seated

He's getting ready to take off, and suddenly we're finding out that this isn't good and that they aren't what we thought they were, and what's more if they do get to Earth it's all over.

Prometheus Trailer2 - Alien Ship Leaving

I guess that's why they ram it.

Prometheus Trailer2 - Collision

...it explodes...

Prometheus Trailer2 - Ship Explosion

...and crashes.

Prometheus Trailer2 - Ship Crash

There are two other shots in the trailer that are massively interesting, the first is what I'd like to call Face Hugger v1...

Prometheus Trailer2 - Hugger v1

...the second is clearly an alien, most likely this looks like a carving rather than an actual live alien.

Prometheus Trailer2 - The Alien Connection

So, clearly there are the alien connections, and hugely strong ones at that. However that face hugger doesn't look like the hugger we know, well there are a few small differences as it looks more elongated. Perhaps they evolve in some way?

If you look back at the infected humans they may be something else entirely, or perhaps this is how the infection first gets into our systems and it evolves or mutates into a face hugger through interactions with humans. I'm not sure, it's guesswork at the moment but it's looking good.

The overall story is the biggest reveal in the trailer for me, the fact that humans are heading off to track down the connection they are finding between different planets, various carvings and drawings that are pointing the way. At the beginning it's clear that the belief is these are an invite to find this race.

However, later in the trailer it seems that they've changed their mind and as the ship begins to take off everyone's panicking as if the ship reaches Earth it'll all be over, this wasn't an invite it was a warning. Now considering we know the cargo is a ship load of aliens, does that mean they were waiting for someone to come and then head off to their planet to destroy it? Or is it not as simple as that? During the interaction between the humans and the creatures do they realise we have to be wiped out?

So ramming the ship brings it down and stops it heading to Earth, but it also leaves everyone stranded, one would assume.

There's a lot more delivered in this trailer than we've seen so far and a lot more concrete understanding of where the story is going and how it begins the whole Alien mythology.

Here's a little slideshow for you with the screengrabs from this trailer and the previous.

Personally I'm hugely excited for the film, and I'm glad it really does tie in well with the Alien story, or looks to anyway. There are still huge gaps to be filled in come release day and I'm glad. I do hope the trailers don't give away anything more, for me this is enough.



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