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The Avengers latest trailer

Avengers.jpgWhile I was away on holidays there have been a lot of trailers hitting the internet, and one of the big releases was for The Avengers. I have to admit I'm not wholly convinced that the film will work, after all there are a lot of big characters to fit into the Avengers, but I'm starting to think that they might have found a way.

Firstly they've limited the Avengers themselves and we have Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk who have all had their own films and origin stories told, there are two more with Hawkeye and Black Widow, but they're just humans amongst the superheroes.

The other thing is that they aren't playing this lightly, or so the trailers and particularly the latest trailer would have us believe. This is going to be hard and messy and rather than create the team and go for it all guns blazing, it looks as though they're going to play with the dysfunctional angle for quite some time, at least I hope so.

Bruce Banner, played by Mark Ruffalo, said the line which many have picked up on and represents what I hope the film will keep at the core throughout:

"We're not a team, we're a time bomb"

The problem is that these characters just can't work well together, particularly the Hulk, but also Iron Man. Of course when the chips are down they'll all get going against a common enemy but until then there's going to be a lot of trouble.

The new trailer shows just that, and that they're going to leave a lot of destruction in their wake as they fight off whatever evil is threatening the world, a lot of which appears to be coming from the evil hands of Loki, who you can also see in this trailer.

I think the team are looking rather good and the trailer sets up the film well, but I have to wonder what a man with a bow and a woman with a gun are doing standing shoulder to shoulder with these superheroes, and if they had Tony Stark wouldn't he be creating all manner of equipment for them all to enhance their abilities, particularly Black Widow and Hawkeye?

I'm looking into it all too much aren't I? Here's the fun trailer through TrailerAddict for The Avengers, or is it now really titled Avengers Assemble? Can they afford the sequel and a better title?



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