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The Tunnel sequel and new audience funded film

TheTunnel.jpgThe makers of the horror film The Tunnel are at it again, first they are making a new audience funded film called Airlock, and secondly they're working on a sequel to The Tunnel with a film that carries a traditional funding model and won't be distributed for free.

For those of you who didn't know The Tunnel is a film that was paid for by people like you and me and then released online for free. It's still available to watch now and I do think it's a rather good film made in a very convincing way. So it's no surprise that the team are off to make another.

However it is a surprise to hear that they are going to be making a conventionally funded film, well actually is it? Considering how good The Tunnel (Filmstalker review) was it shouldn't be a surprise that they've been asked to make a film in the conventional model, for a studio with studio backing and a general release (one would suspect anyway), and I'm glad it's a sequel and not a remake.

The Australian horror film was written and produced by Julian Harvey and Enzo Tedeschi and directed by Carlo Ledesma, they sold individual frames of the film to raise the AU $135,000 budget and distributed the film on BitTorrent and other download methods. It worked, and it worked well, it even gained a limited theatrical release in some countries.

Now, according to Encore through Twitch, the team behind the film have received funding from Screen Australia to make The Tunnel: Dead End, not an altogether inspiring title, but it is going to mean people heading back into those tunnels once more to try and find out what it is that's down there.

However that isn't all that they have up their sleeves, and it doesn't mean that they've used the 135k project, as they call it, to get themselves noticed for they're about to make another audience funded film called Airlock.

There's not that much said about Airlock other than it's a science fiction film that has a lot to share with Alien, claustrophobic is mentioned in regards the title so I would assume that's one way to keep the costs down and not go too grand.

I have to admit I was hugely impressed with The Tunnel considering the budget and how it was made so I'm really keen to see what they do with Airlock and also how they fare with the traditional film-making model behind them, I do hope well.

Tedeschi and Harvey said about the two projects:

"The Tunnel: Dead End is a great opportunity to take Distracted Media into a different playing field but as producers we still very much believe in the basic principles of the 135k Project. Having a more mainstream film in The Tunnel: Dead End will enable us to up the stakes significantly with "Airlock" which will hopefully raise the bar for our free internet releases and what we can put back into their success."

Have you seen The Tunnel (Filmstalker review) and if not, why not? Here's a trailer to give you a taste and read the Filmstalker review just mentioned for more:

Go watch it now and see why you should spend a dollar or more funding their next film.



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