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April 30, 2012

International Prometheus trailer, does it really reveal too much?

No, not if you've been watching the trailers to date and although this new International trailer for Prometheus does give us more footage, all I really feel it's doing is giving us more of the story and saying "look, these aren't the aliens your were expecting. Saying that I'm still...

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April 28, 2012

Man on Ground

Film Two Stars
Man on Ground is based on a true story, but it's not something that is made much of until the end of the film when it reveals the rather shocking truth that the events actually did happen. The film is an independent production that is looking for a distribution deal....

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April 26, 2012

Nymphomaniac confirms lead, promises two films and dual versions

Lars von Trier is set to continue to shock people although thankfully this time he's continuing to do it in film with his next project Nymphomaniac. The title says a lot but I wonder if it misrepresents the idea of the film a little, perhaps through our own preconceptions of...

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Oldboy villain news and characters

In some recent news about the casting for the Hollywood remake of Oldboy come some small details about the changes for the film, mainly what roles the main characters are and so far it's all still pointing to a very similar story. Of course I don't expect us to find...

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Hillcoat's Lawless gains strong trailer

John Hillcoat, who directed The Road and The Proposition (Filmstalker review) is looking to a similar period and type of person once again in his latest film Lawless, a film that takes us to the times of the American Depression and a time that once again promises strong and violent...

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British thriller The Man Inside gains trailer

The trailer for the British thriller The Man Inside caught my eye for three reasons - Peter Mullan, David Harewood and Michelle Ryan, three very strong British actors who all deserve more worldwide exposure, although Harewood is doing well just now with his role in the television series Homeland. However...

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New Brave trailer, Disney's marketing

A new trailer for Disney's Brave has arrived, and while I would salivate at anything from this film because it's set in beautiful Scotland and features Scottish actors, I am starting to wonder about Disney's marketing team. The new Brave trailer reveals hitherto unnoticed details about the film Brave and...

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The End teaser and plot intrigues

Sometimes I just randomly watch trailers, trailers that I have no inkling for and no idea what to expect from, other than perhaps the title, and that's how I came across this Spanish film called Fin or The End, that and the fact that one of the writers of the...

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer surprises

Well G.I. Joe is setting itself up to deliver another huge city destroying scene, and it certainly does in this trailer, but that's not all it delivers for it seems to be suggesting that this sequel might actually have more to offer than the first and might just be a...

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April 24, 2012

Akerman talks Lovelace film Inferno

We've heard a lot about the duelling biographical films to tell the story of Linda Lovelace, the woman who became a famous name through the adult film Deep Throat and moved on to campaign against pornography and tell her terrible story of how she was forced into the industry...

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Lohan definitely playing Taylor

We heard the news that Lindsay Lohan was being considered to play the great Elizabeth Taylor, even if it was in a made for television film, and that news shocked me as considering how great Taylor was, and still is, it is really hard to see Lohan on the same...

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Laranas' The Road trailer

A new trailer has appeared for Yam Laranas' The Road, the latest horror film from the writer and director of the scary and very effective film Sigaw (Filmstalker review) which he later remade for Hollywood. The latest trailer looks creepy and promises some scares that aren't just about the usual...

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April 23, 2012

New trailer for The Assault (L'Assaut)

There's a powerful new trailer for the French film The Assault (L'Assaut) from director and co-writer Julien Leclercq and co-writer Simon Moutairou adapted from the book by Roland Môntins and Jean-Michel Caradec'h (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which tells the events of the hijack of a French passenger plane heading to Paris...

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The Impossible Spanish trailer impresses

It's always surprising when a foreign language trailer captures your eye and imagination so positively and with the trailer for the Sergio G. Sánchez written and Juan Antonio Bayona directed film The Impossible that's just what's happened. Of course it's in no small part to the two leads of Ewan...

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Filmstalker's Films for April 2012

Oh dear, I totally missed the films for this month and there have been some good ones, but the good news is that the films that are worth seeing are still in cinemas so you can get out and see the ones you've missed, plus there's still a couple of...

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April 20, 2012

Don't be Afraid of the Dark

DVD Two Stars
Don't be Afraid of the Dark is one of these films that is being sold more on the producer's status than anything else on the film, Guillermo del Toro is the big name being mentioned through the marketing but that misses out some of the other key names in the...

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April 19, 2012

French Cosmopolis trailer shows much more

A French trailer for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis has arrived and this one has a lot more story to it, even if it is flashing through the images, which also means it has a lot more footage. We also get some explanation of the giant rat scene as well as a...

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Magic Mike trailer arrives

Steven Soderbergh's latest film has a trailer, Magic Mike written by Reid Carolin tells the story of a male stripper and his desire to be something more, a story inspired by the real life of Tatum. The trailer has some great moments between the leads in it, even if it...

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Cameron advises on Terminator 5

James Cameron has done this a number of times before, offering his advice on the direction of the Terminator story, indeed McG even talked to the director about his film Terminator: Salvation (Filmstalker review). Now he's at it again offering advice to Arnold Schwarzenegger on what his involvement should...

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Virginia trailer with Connelly and Harris

Dustin Lance Black is the writer of Milk (Filmstalker review) and has written and directed his first feature film starring Jennifer Connelly, Harrison Gilbertson, Ed Harris, Emma Roberts, Amy Madigan, Yeardley Smith and Toby Jones. He actually filmed What's Wrong with Virginia? a little while ago showing it at the...

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April 17, 2012

Carrie remake takes shape

We've been hearing some casting news coming through about the remake of Carrie, the Brian DePalma directed adaptation of the Stephen King novel which was a cracking horror film and one of the best film adaptations of King's work, at first there was a lot of concern but when we...

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British action film with Status Quo and Fairbrass

Now here's a surprising story, there's going to be a new British action film starring British talent and British music, namely from the legendary group Status Quo. It's not just their music and the two leads of the group that are appearing, Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi, Craig Fairbass and...

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TRON: Uprising trailer bridges the gap

A trailer has arrived for the new TRON, not a film though, this is the animated series that is set to bridge the gap between TRON and TRON: Legacy (Filmstalker review), and while that will excite fans of TRON and the rather excellent sequel, I'm not sure that the trailer...

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Storage 24 trailer shows Clarke versus alien

I'm not sold on the trailer for Storage 24 although the idea sounds interesting; a mix between Attack the Block and Alien, but the trailer doesn't sell the concept well. Mind you there's Noel Clarke, Colin O'Donoghue, Geoff Bell and Ned Dennehy, so perhaps it's just the trailer? The film...

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April 16, 2012

Gibson's Get the Gringo trailer for VOD release

I'm not sure what to make of the trailer for Get the Gringo as at times I'm feeling something akin to Payback and at others I'm getting the feeling that we're watching some grindhouse-esque film, and then others it could be trying to sell itself as a comedy, and yet...

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The Amazing Spider-Man Japanese trailer intrigues

I must admit that I was pegging The Amazing Spider-Man in the same deep dark hole as I tend to drop all the remakes, but there was something different here, the cast seemed much weightier than the idea of another remake would suggest. Now with this new Japanese trailer that...

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Need for Speed the film franchise

It's strange that there's the possibility of another film franchise based around fast cars and street racing considering that the Fast and Furious franchise has just realised something, to reach a bigger audience and become a larger film it has to be about something more than just fast cars, good...

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April 13, 2012

Looper trailer looks great

...but it doesn't tell us much more than the teasers have, and since we've had three teasers we've seen a lot of the footage that's in this new trailer. Mind you the film from Rian Johnson who brought us the excellent Brick (Filmstalker review) is undoubtedly going to be a...

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New Red Lights trailer ups the dramatic

Red Lights is a film about scientists investigating and debunking psychics and stars Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy as two scientists who are doing just that and turn their attention to a once famous psychic Simon Silver who has come out of retirement, the psychic is played by a powerful...

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April 12, 2012

Gibson's Maccabee film comes under fire

...as does Mel Gibson himself and from a strange source, the writer of the script for the Judah Maccabee no less, just after his script was refused by Gibson and Warner Bros. It does sound a bit suspect, and more on that later, but the word is that the first...

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Short Circuit remake changes Johnny 5

There are a number of things that are changing in the remake of Short Circuit, some of them expected and some of them perhaps not. The biggest change comes to the robot himself, Johnny 5, after all robotics has transformed somewhat from when we first saw him, but does that...

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April 11, 2012

Skyfall rumours suggests big surprise

Unlike the site that I found the story through I'm not going to plaster the huge spoiler through the title, instead I'm going to give you the chance to turn away from the rumour before you find out what it could be, I'd rather forego the search engine ranking rise...

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Hunger Games: Catching Fire being rushed through?

It looks bad for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire the sequel to the successful The Hunger Games, not because they are losing Gary Ross the co-writer and director from the production but that they seem to be racing forward with it so quickly they can't keep Ross in the production....

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April 10, 2012

Looper teaser footage appears

While we've all been off eating chocolate and enjoying some days off Rian Johnson has been preparing for the release of the trailer for his new film Looper, that's the science fiction film starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt which sees a man sent back in time to...

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Oliver Stone's Savages trailer

I was hopeful for Oliver Stone's film Savages but the trailer is a mixed bag for me, on one hand I'm feeling that some of it looks a like a typical action revenge film and on the other it's delivering style and grabs you from the opening word. The introduction...

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Caviezel in Transit trailer

I have to admit Jim Caviezel's star really faded for me with the terrible Nature's Grave (Long Weekend) (Filmstalker review), although Outlander (Filmstalker review) hadn't really done him any favours, but seeing some of him in the television series Person of Interest has reminded me that he does have something...

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Unit 7 (Grupo 7) trailer looks strong

The trailer for Unit 7 (Grupo 7) suggests that the film is going to be another strong thriller from Europe, this time from Spain and the blurb suggests that the film won't be all action and that there's a lot of character to it as well. It seems that two...

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First Five Minutes of Lockout online

You may remember that a previous extended clip for the film Lockout appeared online just recently and was far less exciting than I had hoped for. It just didn't live up to the trailers and the hype of what I was expecting. Now though the first five minutes have appeared...

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April 5, 2012

The Mummy franchise rebooting

Does The Mummy franchise really need to be forgotten and restarted? The answer is no as there were three films of which two were really good entertainment and one that clearly just, well, lost the plot. However with the announcement of a writer on the project a little has leaked...

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Competing Steve Jobs biography finds lead

Sony has the rights to the authorised biography of Steve Jobs and are busy getting that film off the ground, however in the meantime there's a rival Steve Jobs film that's on the way and it has grabbed the perfect lead for the film, well looks wise anyway, Ashton Kutcher....

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Cassel in The Monk trailer

There's not much to say about the trailer for The Monk starring Vincent Cassel apart from it stars Vincent Cassel and the trailer does show off the glorious look of the film. It's the kind of trailer that sets the tone and the style of a film without telling you...

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April 4, 2012

The Sweeney arrives with a trailer

I have to say I'm a little disappointed in the first trailer for the film version of The Sweeney, the idea of having a modern day adaptation of the seventies tough and gritty television series, one which was rather groundbreaking in the way it reinvented the television portrayal of the...

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Allen's To Rome with Love trailer

Woody Allen's latest film homage to a city of love has arrived with To Rome with Love and the first trailer, and it's everything you'd expect from a modern Allen film and definitely captures me enough to consider going to see it. Allen's films are never ones to overly grab...

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New Watergate documentary examines ongoing effects

Robert Redford is producing and voicing a new documentary about the Watergate scandal some thirty-six years after he starred with Dustin Hoffman in the still excellent film All the Presidents Men, a fictionalised version of the investigation into the events by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. This documentary doesn't sound...

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April 3, 2012


Film One Star
Babycall was shown as part of the Glasgow Film Festival and the write-up from the festival brochure as well as the blurb on IMDB all pointed to a solid European thriller and European film does deliver some strong thrillers. The fact that it was starring the newly internationally discovered Noomi...

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New Rock of Ages trailer shows off the music

A new trailer for the musical Rock of Ages has arrived and it makes a feature out of the music of the film but without forgetting the ensemble cast and some of the key characters, especially not forgetting Tom Cruise performing Wanted Dead or Alive. This trailer is a winner,...

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Total Recall fully approved trailer

The new trailer for the remake of, or the reimagining of Total Recall looks very much like the cut that was leaked online and pulled but there's greater pace and more from the main characters as well as setting up that rivalry much better than it did. I have to...

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Houston in Sparkle trailer

There is obviously going to be a lot of talk about Whitney Houston in the film Sparkle, playing a mother of three daughters who are looking to make it big in music during the sixties as they form an all girl group who have bags of talent and are being...

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April 1, 2012

Special Forces (Forces Spéciales)

DVD Two Stars
When I first heard about Special Forces (Forces Spéciales) I was interested, a film about French Special Forces going into Afghanistan and Pakistan to rescue a French reporter who has been taken hostage by a terrorist threatening to behead her and broadcast it live. The team, who are originally going...

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