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First Five Minutes of Lockout online

Lockout.jpgYou may remember that a previous extended clip for the film Lockout appeared online just recently and was far less exciting than I had hoped for. It just didn't live up to the trailers and the hype of what I was expecting.

Now though the first five minutes have appeared and two things are clear. One is that Guy Pearce's character does feel very close to that of Snake Plissken from Escape From New York, and the other is that this looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Lockout, as I've said before, does feel a lot like Escape from New York just in space. The idea is simple, the President's daughter is kidnapped aboard a high security prison space station circling the Earth as the inmates take over the station and threaten to crash it if their demands aren't met.

Meanwhile the government send up a wrongly accused man to fight for his pardon, if he can rescue the President's daughter he'll be saved, if not, they'll all die, and he's the only one that can get in.

Luc Besson had the idea for the film and together with Stephen St. Leger and James Mather wrote the screenplay for the film which Mather and Leger directed. It carries some strong talent as well, apart from the excellent Guy Pearce there's also Peter Stormare, Lennie James and Vincent Regan.

Now if this hasn't grabbed you by now then I don't know what's wrong with you.

The first five minutes are good and have me hooked, let's see what you think. Here's the footage through The Hollywood Reporter:

After that I'm right back into the idea of the film, I'm can't say no to that. The previous footage is now officially forgiven.



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