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Gibson's Get the Gringo trailer for VOD release

GettheGringo.jpgI'm not sure what to make of the trailer for Get the Gringo as at times I'm feeling something akin to Payback and at others I'm getting the feeling that we're watching some grindhouse-esque film, and then others it could be trying to sell itself as a comedy, and yet the trailer doesn't seem to quite cut it on any of those levels.

I wonder if another edit of the trailer concentrating on one of these aspects and not trying to deliver a snapshot of just about everything in the film would have worked better? Mind you as it is there are some moments that do get you wondering why this is doing to video on demand and not hitting cinemas.

Get the Gringo sees Mel Gibson playing an American criminal who crashes through the Mexican border when he's on the run from the U.S. police and carrying a rather large stash of cash. The police take the cash and leave him stranded in a violent Mexican prison and with the help of a ten year old he learns how to survive and indeed prosper in his new life.

Gibson co-wrote the story with Stacy Perskie and Adrian Grunberg, who also directs, and the film also stars Peter Stormare, Dean Norris, Bob Gunton and Scott Cohen.

It's at this point you might start to realise that this was previously titled How I Spent My Summer Vacation, or perhaps the other way around, and considering that Mel Gibson is in the film it seems strange that it's not getting a cinematic release. Perhaps it is as mixed as the trailer suggests.

Here is that trailer through The Hollywood Reporter:

Well, what do you think? Did it deserve a cinematic release judging from that trailer? This one is clearly playing on the How I Spent My Summer Vacation title and not Get the Gringo though.



Hi Richard,

In the UK this is called 'How I spent My Summer Vacation' and is out threatically in the UK on the 11th of May.
It's good, but not quite sure what it wants to be as it's a bit of everything (like you mention).

TRailer here:



Thanks Ben, the trailer's in the post.

You might want to let IMDB know through your PRO account about the title, they usually indicate a title change specifically for a region but there it was not clear at all.

Here's a question, if you're still around that is, why the UK title change?


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