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International Prometheus trailer, does it really reveal too much?

Prometheus.jpgNo, not if you've been watching the trailers to date and although this new International trailer for Prometheus does give us more footage, all I really feel it's doing is giving us more of the story and saying "look, these aren't the aliens your were expecting.

Saying that I'm still confused as the trailers to date have been giving more and more clues and links to the previous Alien films, and this looks like it could be a little sidestep.

If you haven't watched the new International trailer for Prometheus that Channel 4 showed yesterday during Homeland for a full advert break and then asked viewers to tweet in their comments which would be shown in the following advert break, only single figures worth mind you, then you might not want to.

Well that's what a lot of people are saying, but there's another side to the argument, perhaps you do want to, perhaps you want to find out what this new film might be about because if you go in thinking that it's a prequel to Alien according to Ridley Scott you're going to be surprised, and that might also mean disappointed.

However don't be, for as much as we're told it's not connected to Alien the marketing keeps bringing us back there. Some of the trailers to date have even showed us a carving of an Alien and there have been connections all the way through, we even thought there were face huggers in there albeit in earlier screen captures and in a more snake like form, and viola here it is in all its glory.

So that could be a step away but there's a lot more that's still sitting where it is with the film and I'm still feeling Alien throughout the trailer. It's still a mystery how closely it will be connected but it certainly seems like it's going to be closely connected doesn't it?

Here's the new International trailer for Prometheus which came through The Hollywood Reporter, see what you think and remember to take a look at the other articles and trailers on Filmstalker if you want to see the connections or more of what Prometheus has to offer, specifically there's one article with some screen captures that reflect a lot of what we see in this new trailer.

This new trailer really does build up the tension and power of the story and whatever direction it's going in it certainly is going to take us on a hell of a ride to get there.



I think all the trailers and viral marketing videos released yet for Prometheus have been great advertisers but I do feel like they're giving away way too much with those trailers, not just this last one.

Initially I wasn't bothered about Prometheus. I like Alien and Aliens but the rest were a bit sub-par.

However, with each new Prometheus trailer I am getting more and more excited. Can't wait to see this on the big screen now.

I wonder if the trailers really have revealed too much or if Ridley Scott and his team have been very clever about directing us in certain ways and deliberately leading us to and from the idea of the Alien prequel without giving too much away.

Sure we know the plot now and have a rough idea of the closing of the story, but do we really know that much about what's actually going on?

I can't believe Scott would let the marketing race away with the overselling of his film.

I'm with you Dave, hugely excited for it and getting more so with each trailer.

I really do hope the movie still has a few surprise in store because it is up there with TDKR on my anticipation list. I'm with you on believing Ridley Scott probably didn't allow the movie to be spoiled by the trailers but I still can't help but feel that way.

Yeah, I'm as concerned as you are David R. but I think I'm more optimistic about the potential spoilers, or lack of them.


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