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Looper teaser footage appears

Looper.jpgWhile we've all been off eating chocolate and enjoying some days off Rian Johnson has been preparing for the release of the trailer for his new film Looper, that's the science fiction film starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt which sees a man sent back in time to be assassinated...by himself.

Crazy concept and I'm dying to see the trailer to understand a little of what is going to be happening and the teasers counting down to the trailer release are just fuelling that desire.

The story for Looper has Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing a man who works for a crime syndicate as a "Looper", an assassin who receives their victims sent into the past using time travel. The crime syndicate have decided that they need to tie up loose ends and to that end they send the future assassin, played by Bruce Willis, back in time to be assassinated by his younger self, the Looper.

Confused? Well it's not that hard to follow really and opens up a wealth of possibilities for Rian Johnson the writer and director. You'll remember Johnson from writing and directing The Brothers Bloom and the excellent Brick (Filmstalker review), which also starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

So far there are two teasers on the go for Looper, both of which you can see over at Apple Trailers, but there is another planned before the trailer itself appears, and you'll see them all over at that link with me devoting a new article to the trailer itself.

Both teasers, and presumably the third one to come, feature similar footage and the clips of actual film footage are very short but both are worth watching for what you can grab from them, flying cars, a strange looking Gordon-Levitt, some fighting, interesting looking special effects, a gritty, realistic feel and most importantly a few moments where Willis' character appears out of nowhere ready for Gordon-Levitt's to kill him, or perhaps not.

It all looks very intriguing and the whole concept behind the story has me hooked. Surely it will be doing the same to you and especially after seeing these teasers.



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