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The Amazing Spider-Man Japanese trailer intrigues

TheAmazingSpiderMan.jpgI must admit that I was pegging The Amazing Spider-Man in the same deep dark hole as I tend to drop all the remakes, but there was something different here, the cast seemed much weightier than the idea of another remake would suggest.

Now with this new Japanese trailer that is showing a lot more footage from the film I'm wondering if this new Spider-Man is going to offer us a strong new take on the character, ridding the lighter approach and bringing us a darker story with a little more focus on the thriller.

I thought that then I saw the footage in this Japanese trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man and I'm wondering if that could be true and it still deliver a ton of action, even 3D in the screen action, and still hold strong.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter Marc Webb the director said something interesting:

"It's a totally independent universe, and we make different assumptions about certain parts of the character without subverting the iconography of Spider-Man...There are certain obligations we have -- like he wears a suit and he gets bitten by a spider -- but the context surrounding that is new and different and set off by an event that happens years before. And it's a new story in that sense."

I am starting to consider that this could be a big hit and the reworking of the Spider-Man history might just work. Of course there are the fans that will wonder why they have to rework the history, but then again that's not an unknown thing in the comic book world and some of the works that have rewritten stories have delivered exciting new versions. Could this be The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review) of Spider-Man?

The new Japanese trailer certainly looks good and is well worth watching.



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