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Unit 7 (Grupo 7) trailer looks strong

Unit7.jpgThe trailer for Unit 7 (Grupo 7) suggests that the film is going to be another strong thriller from Europe, this time from Spain and the blurb suggests that the film won't be all action and that there's a lot of character to it as well.

It seems that two of the main members of the unit are going to go about their task of ridding Seville of the dangerous drug gangs using two very different methods. While one takes to using any means necessary the other's life becomes more complicated, and the film looks set to split our journey between them.

Here's the blurb for Unit 7 (Grupo 7):

The four cops of Unit 7 have a tough mission: to eradicate the most dangerous trafficking network of the city of Seville before the opening of the 1992 Seville World Exhibition, and bring an end to the corrosive power that has taken hold of the streets. Among them are Angel (Mario Casas), the leader of the unit, a young officer aspiring to become detective, and Rafael (Antonio de la Torre), a violent yet efficient cop. Over the course of their years-long mission, the two officers will take opposite directions: Angel's ambition will lead him to seek results by any means necessary, while Rafael's character will change when he meets a charismatic woman.

Unit 7 is a naturalistic and stylish crime thriller thoroughly committed to all its characters, both male and female. In his fifth feature film, director Alberto Rodriguez (7 Virgins) provides a mix of violence and pure emotion, balancing the most spectacular chases with an intimate portrayal of human nature. Unit 7 deals with truth, lies, and corruption, along with confronting one's personal conscience, all supported by a fantastic cast.

It sounds a little like this could be a Spanish version of Elite Squad perhaps taking elements from both of the episodes of that story and making its own version.

Here's the trailer for Unit 7 (Grupo 7) through TrailerAddict that seems to reinforce that idea:



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