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Arnie is most definitely back

Arnie-Cigar.jpg...and the amazing thing is that he hasn't actually been seen in a film since leaving office yet. So why do I say that? Well he's just added another film to his upcoming belt that is all action, and the trailer we recently saw for The Expendables 2 was enough to get the blood pounding through my veins with one classic line and a scene that felt like it was nodding Commando.

Sure we've been hearing about roles he's set to appear in, but that's just not been the same as seeing him back, and in The Expendables 2 trailer he announced his arrival through all the other posturing and noise.

"I'm back" is all it took, that and the excellent scene where he gets into a car the size you would never expect him to enter in a scene that makes you think back to Commando. Of course it's nothing compared to the action hero he once was, but maybe that's coming, or maybe this is his connection to the past to bridge the gap to the new Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Either way, he certainly is back.

Apart from The Expendables 2 he also has The Last Stand, The Tomb and Unknown Soldier sitting on his slate.

The Last Stand is directed by Jee-woon Kim from a Jeffrey Nachmanoff script that sees him as a Sheriff of a small town near the Mexico border charged with taking down a drug cartel leader who is heading his way.

The Tomb is directed by Mikael Håfström from a Miles Chapman and Jason Keller script that sees a security specialist who has designed high security prisons framed and put in the very prison he designed. That sees Sylvester Stallone as the designer and Schwarzenegger taking a secondary role, something I didn't think we'd see.

Unknown Soldier comes from Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, you'll know them from the recent Act of Valor, directing a screenplay from Skip Woods, Kevin Elders and Sergio Altieri which doesn't have much information on its plot yet, but since Schwarzenegger is playing "The Stranger" it could well be in the style of the stranger comes to town westerns.

Now there's news of another action film for him through The Hollywood Reporter, again from Skip Woods pen and directed by David Ayer, so we really are talking action film. Ten is the story of the members of an elite DEA task force who steal millions from a drug cartel safe house and when they think they've gotten away with the bounty they start getting killed one by one.

It doesn't look like he's just taking his retirement laying down does it? This isn't just a few films to make some more money before he permanently retires, he really is coming back.



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