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Excision trailer surprises

TraciLords.jpgThere are some shocking images and moments in the trailer for Excision as well as some surprising moments of who is actually starring in the film, after all when I first saw the name Traci Lords I didn't realise she'd also be backed by Malcolm McDowell, John Waters, Ray Wise, Roger Burt and led by AnnaLynne McCord, the actress I remember from the opening scene of Transporter 2 but has gone on to bigger and better things since.

The trailer is strange but also rather compelling and the imagery does become more disturbing as the trailer goes on but at the same time it all looks rather well done. I'm curious.

Excision is the story of a schoolgirl who is described as disturbed and delusional, certainly from the trailer you discover she is as it opens with some small teenage quirks which soon build to some rather grotesque actions and fantasies.

You can see it isn't as slick as some trailers, some of the editing needs to be sharpened and the story telling doesn't quite work to begin with, but it looks rather stylishly filmed and the scenes are going to agree with horror fans I'm sure.

Have a look at the trailer for Excision, which comes through TrailerAddict, for yourself and see what you think:



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Excision trailer you have uploaded on your site has uncleared music. Please take it off immediately and upload the attached one instead. This is urgent and we have to insist - otherwise we would have to take legal steps against your site.

Thank you for your understanding and best regards,


Hi Anne.

Your comment should be referred to the site TrailerAddict.com where the trailer is uploaded, there is no trailer uploaded here just embedded from the TrailerAddict site.

You can see the link for the site above the trailer or by clicking on the logo in the trailer itself.

By replacing the trailer on their site, it will be automatically replaced on all the sites that have embedded the trailer from them.


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