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Ian Fleming biographical film gains director

IanFleming.jpgNicely tied in with the release of the new trailer for the next Bond film, Skyfall, comes the news that a much talked about biographical film of Sir Ian Fleming is going to finally make it to the big screen.

It has a director and a leading star, a great actor in fact, and it looks like it's all about to go ahead. I must admit though the director's choice did surprise me a little.

Duncan Jones is the director who is going to take Ian Fleming's real life story to film which seems a little odd, not that I'm saying anything about Jones' talent, far from it, rather I'm curious about the direction of the film considering his other projects.

First Jones explosively arrived with the fantastic Moon (Filmstalker review) then we had the equally strong film Source Code, another science fiction film that was firmly rooted elsewhere, a strong core of a psychological thriller with the science fiction element around it. Then there's word of new films coming up all of which have been similarly themed science fiction.

So it's strange to imagine that he would be set to direct the story of Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond, who himself worked for the British Navy as an Intelligence Officer and helped planned some major operations during World War II as well as overseeing two units, Commando 30 Assault Unit which was a forward operating intelligence gathering unit and T-Force which worked during the latter stages of the war to secure targets of scientific and military value.

What's more it's strange that Jones should be taking it forward in a biographical form and not turning it into a film he's more known for. Frankly I'm delighted to see him working on something different like this, and such a high profile project too.

The great news for the film is that the James Bond estate has, as the The Hollywood Reporter article states, granted its blessing for the film. What that exactly means we can't be sure but hopefully it means access to all their material that they have on Fleming and his life.

The article says that Duncan Jones is signed and that the film will be an "action-packed thriller", which does bring a little concern to the fore all of a sudden, action packed? Well if the story is looking into the exploits of his teams and the operations he had a hand in planning then there will be a lot of action, but they can't be talking about Fleming himself can they?

"Before becoming the best-selling author of the Bond books, Fleming traveled the globe and masterminded real-life top-secret operations, helping supply inspiration for this famous creation, before and during World War II as a naval intelligence officer."

It certainly makes his life sound far more exciting than the Wikipedia articles do.

There's no news of casting as yet but who would you see as Ian Fleming? It certainly won't be Daniel Craig.



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