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New Star Trek reveals villain and returning Spock

BenedictCumberbatch.jpgThe interflab has been awash with the story that it's been revealed who the villain of the new Star Trek film is, and it's not really a huge surprise as the name has been touted since we first heard that there was going to be a sequel and then became louder when we heard that Benedict Cumberbatch was set to play the villain of the film.

Now, with that story comes the news that we're also going to see the return of Spock, my this is a very similar timeline to the original television and film series, a series that seems to be getting trampled over.

It does clearly show that it doesn't matter about remakes if they are made appealing enough then you can do anything, after all they're currently on the second remake of Star Trek (Filmstalker review), totally rewriting the history and characters laid down in the original television series and films, films that even stayed true to the original characters and timelines even when they began pulling time travel into their plots.

Not now. For the time travel altered storylines we saw in the first Star Trek mean that what we've seen before in all those television shows and films never happened and we're right back at the beginning, just with more lens flare, bigger effects and 3D.

So is it any surprise that for the second Star Trek film, in this new franchise rewriting the characters that made Star Trek so great, we're seeing one of the most remembered villains of the franchise returning?

It does seem that Benedict Cumberbatch, who we heard was joining Star Trek 2 back in January, is going to be playing Khan according to reports coming through TrekMovie, AICN and First Showing, and indeed across the Interflab.

Oh why not? After all they've rewritten the main characters from before we ever saw them so why not start on the greatest villains, and perhaps the greatest stories? How long before we see Veeger appear? The Klingon Empire pulled apart? First contact with Vulcans? Meet the Borg?

It's all so easy isn't it? It's just a case of taking the best of the television and film series and rewriting them with more pace, action, humour and effects.

Well it's been done before and it's happening right now, Spider-Man is going back, Superman's going back, Batman's been back a few times, and Batman's revisited his old stories and characters with something new, surely Spider-Man and Superman will be, so why not Star Trek?

It may be the trend right now but it's working, and it's working well with Star Trek (Filmstalker review), after all we all loved it.

Along with the story that Cumberbatch is to play Khan, the news is that Leonard Nimoy is returning for this next film, a surprise considering his retirement and at the moment we're told he's talking with the production but I don't think it's too much of a stretch to see him in the next film, after all wouldn't the characters be interested in a Spock from an alternative and now defunct future, particularly Spock himself?

I'm still not sold on the idea of rewriting the Star Trek series, but that's exactly what seems to be happening here and there's no way to stop it, especially when they are enjoyable films and capture some of the magic of the original. I guess we have to sit back and go along for the ride.



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