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Shadow of the Colossus film gains director

ShadowoftheColossus.jpgIf you like classy videogames then I'm sure you've played Shadow of the Colossus, a bestselling videogame that has captured many people's imaginations including that of Sony Pictures who are going to make a big screen version of the film.

Now there's word of who they have chosen as the director to take that film forward and it's one that they've favoured with another big film they're working on, Venom, and he has another superhero project from the superhero studio Marvel, the Fantastic Four reboot.

Josh Trank has shot to fame with the recent film Chronicle and he's gained a lot of recognition for it, and now that seems to be paying off with Sony offering him another big project that of the film adaptation of Shadow of the Colossus.

According to the story in Deadline the studio are interviewing writers for the film to work with Trank to develop the live-action version, although I think that the Colossus' may have some CG work in there somewhere!

The story is about a young man who believes his lover has died and in order to bring her back to life he travels to lands that are forbidden to his people to summon a demon who has the power to return her to life. However there's a price, isn't there always? He has to kill sixteen colossi that live throughout the land and in doing so he begins to wonder if he's being used by the demon for another purpose.

It's a great project for Trank but also an ambitious one, for having come from the small film Chronicle he's going to be tasked with creating, and please forgive me for this, a Colossus of a film. Mind you with Venom and Fantastic Four on his to do list I wonder which is going to be first and perhaps these two films will pave the way for the Shadow of the Colossus?

It does sound like a huge project for him to take on, but then if he pulls it off what kind of a film will it make? A man on horseback slaying massive creatures and making a deal with a demon who might be trying to use him for nefarious purposes? Will that storm cinemas?



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