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The Amazing Spider-Man preview shows 3D all the way

TheAmazingSpiderMan.jpgThere's one of these previews out for The Amazing Spider-Man where you get to see an action sequence from the film followed by the already released trailer, and while these can be good and without too much argument this one certainly is, they can also reveal some potential shortcomings of the film.

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue (Filmstalker review) was clear, the bad guy couldn't be understood, and the message for The Amazing Spider-Man is clear too, this is made for popcorn 3D.

What do I mean by that? Well I mean the throw everything back and forth against the screen type of 3D, the screamingly obvious 3D, the kind that you can watch in 2D and see instantly that it's meant to be a 3D film and nothing else. That's the feeling I get from watching this preview for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Even now, just minutes after watching it, I'm still remembering the hugely obvious 3D elements that could well be rather annoying for the 2D audience, being reminded every few minutes that you were supposed to be in another screening paying more for the same film and perhaps enjoying the experience less because you don't like 3D.

Mind you maybe that's the way Hollywood should be playing it, make the films annoying to watch in 2D and force the audiences across, although that might have the effect of just pushing audiences out of the 2D cinemas as well. Wait a moment though, that would suit Hollywood too.

Okay, let me step back from all that and talk about the sequence. It is a strong sequence and I like the interactions with the boy as he saves him, of course I'm not going to discuss the flaw of "webbing" the t-shirt, but it all looks rather spectacular, and boy does Spider-Man have super strength.

I actually liked it, more so if there weren't things flying to and fro my face every few seconds.

Here's the trailer through Collider for The Amazing Spider-Man preview:



What webbing the t-shirt do you have a problem with? The young boy at the start?


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